Cosmic News April 2012


Ultimately, the purpose of life is to be the fullest expression of who your are--to share and give and demonstrate awareness of yourself as a creative being.

Blessings this Full Moon in Libra (1:19 pm MDT 4-6-2012). With Luna's fullness in the sign of Libra, the mood is set to jump on the love train & perfect your skill at maintaining balance between loving self & other. We must love and appreciate ourselves as much as we love and appreciate others. Libra guides us to focus on establishing mutual reciprocity, a flowing giving and receiving, in all of our relationships. Connect & Collaborate. Seek to create mutual self-empowerment. Commit to establishing spiritual partnerships. Join with people who have centers of their own and are therefore consciously participating and choosing to be involved. Best of all, remember that when it comes to giving and receiving love, the opportunities are unlimited and we are all gifted!

Be there for others, but never leave yourself behind.

For many of us, the past few months have been challenging. Mars has been retrograde since January 23 and Mercury just finished its retrograde but is still retracing its steps through Pisces. Under these retrograde influences, the new has been germinating while we make space for it by releasing what no longer fits with who we've become. The energy has been turned inward to enhance our ability to reflect on the circumstances of our lives. Our "issues" have been in high focus so that we could honor our truth and integrity and welcome insights and solutions. Mars will initiate forward movement again April 13, 9:55 pm MDT. The best use of this final week of Mars retrograde in Virgo is to release your focus on what is wrong in your life and to direct it toward what steps you can take to bring improvement. While we can't change what has already happened, we can influence what will happen next. It's Mars' job is to heed that which inspires and improves.

When our Mars energy is flowing, we are feeling brave, sassy and powerful as the master of our lives. That's the feeling you are shooting for. Mars reminds us that our Creator did not place desires in our psyche for them to be thwarted or disappointed but rather as an incentive to keep us growing. Think of your desires as your instruction blueprints of the possible—for if you can imagine it, it is your destiny to create the experience of it. And Mars has the sass and spunk and courage to act on those desires. Be led by what brings you joy!

Will you look back on life and say "I wish I had" or "I'm glad I did!"
~Zig Zigler

Goddess of Love, Venus, is now moving through Gemini. She will spend an extended time in this sign (until August 9) due to her own retrograde cycle that initiates on May 15. When Venus has a retrograde cycle it is so we don't forget that "love suffers its own kind of degradation when it becomes nothing more than a comfort zone." We've got to nurture love to ensure it remains vital and growing. Venus encourages us to gently explore anything that is disturbing our enjoyment of life. Venus reminds us that the nature of life is relationship. We now know it as scientific fact that we inherently exist in relationship to everything else that exists in our universe. Every action sends out ripples to touch everything else. Have you ever noticed that you tend to draw out in others what you focus on about them? That is, if you focus on the things you love about them, you get more of that but if you focus on their faults, you get more of that. If you start the day on a sour note, have you noticed how more of that yukky tends to follow? Energy follows your attention. Therefore, let's remember to direct our energy to encourage forth all that we love in the people and circumstances of our life. And when shit happens, let's do our best to laugh at it.

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it!
~Bernard Meltzer

Venus also symbolizes your capacity to identify what it is you personally value. At the top of that list is the value you give to yourself. YOU are your most important commodity! During Venus' retrograde cycle it is very important to examine your values and ensure that they are not conditioned copies of what your family or social circle determined 'should' be of value to you. Identify what it is that you treasure and what it is that brings meaning and quality to your life experience. Venus encourages you to identify those people you don't wish to be without because life is so much better with them in it. Once identified, let the gratitude and appreciation flow. Additionally, sensual Venus reminds us of the value of pleasure and encourages us to ensure that we feel worthwhile enough to give ourselves pleasure.

Celebrate your life. Bring pleasure into it wherever you can. And see that pleasure as truth, not as some secret sin. For if you judge pleasure in the context of the illusion then you lose the pleasure. And it keeps you in the schoolroom longer. It truly does. For you see, suffering is not the way to the Light and to Heaven. Pleasure is. Real pleasure. Not false pleasure. And you all know the difference. - Emmanuel

The evolutionary impetus that Gemini symbolizes is to approach life with a sense of wonder and to expect to be "wowed." With its extended stay in Gemini, Venus encourages us to immerse ourselves in the experience of living without evaluation or the need to understand. Gemini's great strength is its neutrality. Gemini is just the experiencer, eager to engage the parade of possibilities that life has to offer. Gemini drops the serious world. It doesn't judge experiences from the perspective of right or wrong or good or bad. To Gemini, there is just what is and what isn't. With Venus in this sign we can wear our lovely heart on our sleeve and love completely without the need for complete understanding. We love just because we do, for no reason, just because. Forgiveness comes easily when we identify with others and admit to our own imperfection and capacity for making mistakes. As Anne Wilson Schaef noted, We don't make mistakes, we just have learnings.

Venus enters the shadow of her retrograde cycle (which involves 7-23 degrees of Gemini) next Thursday, April 12th--this is the official start of the Venus retrograde cycle as she makes the first of the three contacts she'll make to your birth chart planets during the cycle. Note her house position and the contacts she'll make in your birth chart for guidance about the focus of her retrograde cycle to your personal circumstances. This is an excellent time to get in touch with the focus of her retrograde energy in your personal life. If you would find it helpful to have a person Venus retrograde report that provides information and guidance about Venus' influence to your birth chart during her retrograde cycle, you can view and purchase one here.

Wishing you a happy, healthy, vitalizing month! Embrace Grace and be blessed,


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