Cosmic News August 31, 2012

Blue Moon: Great Leaps Forward


Blue Moon
This Friday, August 31, the full moon at 7:58am MDT is referred to as a Blue Moon, not because it will be blue (that only happens when there is smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere) but because it's the second full moon occurring this month. Most years have twelve full moons, one full moon each month. Yet, each solar calendar year contains more days than the lunar year of 12 lunations. The extra days accumulate, so that about every 2 3/4 years there is an extra full moon in the same month. That might be why "blue moon" is also used to express a rare event, such as in the phrase "once in a blue moon."

The full moon corresponds to a time of culmination, when things come to a head and we have clarity about things we may have been clueless about before. It can be a time of fruition or when our efforts "bear fruit" or we experience those wonderful "Ah ha!" moments we all relish. And as many of us have experienced, the full moon also tends to be a time of heightened emotions. This is because at the full moon, the Sun's light is being reflected by the Moon, symbolizing an opportunity to gain deeper insights into the gap which exists between our conscious intentions and our subconscious beliefs and habits. Emotions are heightened because they having something important to tell us.

This emphasis on becoming more aware of subtle influences will be especially highlighted with this full moon in Pisces, the sign symbolizing oneness consciousness. The cosmos are providing us with a fabulous opportunity to gain deeper insights into how our subconscious fears, guilt, and judgments often sabotage our conscious creative intentions. Neuroscientists assert that for most of us, our brains are running on subconscious auto-pilot 95% of the time. Sheesh. Well, life's getting very interesting and you'll miss out on a lot of fun if you're running on auto-pilot.

Stretching and Adventuring
We are living at perhaps the most profound time in human history, a time in which the whole of humanity is undergoing a collective transformation into quantum reality--We are being catapulted into several new ways of experiencing life, all simultaneously. For example, we are rapidly shifting from a “matter-based” society to one completely steeped in “energy consciousness”, from energy technology to energy medicine to energy fuel.~ Carolyn Myss

If you've been feeling that the energy has been wacky, weird and wired, YAY! It's a good sign that you are awake. You want to be awake so you don't miss all the fun! This last quarter of 2012 we truly have the awesome potential to recreate our experience of what it means to be human. And I assure you, the cosmos are giving their best to shake you awake so that the eternal spark of Light that animates your physical being is guiding you. This will ensure that you embrace the joy of experiencing yourself as the magnificent creator that you are. Because that YOU knows no order of difficulty in getting anything done. But the "you" that operates on auto-pilot and believes it's in charge and separated, all alone, on its own, motivated by hopelessness, resignation, blame, guilt or a sense of powerlessness and believes it is only a helpless body that must endure suffering upon suffering until it dies, is running the show 95% of the time. Ouch.

The important point is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.~ Charles Dubois

This blue moon is creatively activating the connection between the Great Awakener Uranus and Regenerating Pluto, providing you with an opportunity to witness what's surfacing in your life so that it can be healed and cleared. This includes hidden parts of yourself such as judgments and repressed emotions that need to be acknowledged so they can be released. The possibility for awakening to your true nature and living from the totality of your multidimensional self is coming to greet you and you want to welcome it with open arms.

You are Your Own Authority
The most important thing that you can do now is develop a relationship with your Inner Authority, however you refer to it--God, your inner voice, your soul, your spirit, your intuition--it's that eternal YOU that animates your body and knows exactly why you are here taking this human journey. We are all needed now. We all have an integral role to play. That which takes place "out there" is not controllable or predictable now; that's why things feel so chaotic. But each and every one of us is contributing to what is taking place. To fulfill your unique role, you must follow your own authority. Talk to your Inner Authority each day, just like you'd talk to a trusted confidant that loves you just because. It loves you without judgment, punishment, criticism, blame or rejection. Make sure you give yourself this "Conversations with God" time each and every day, (best times are right after waking up or just before falling asleep, because the sabotaging ego is not fully awake in the morning and often too tired to interfere at bedtime).

Asking questions is one great way to engage your Inner Authority. Here's some suggestions to get you started: "Do I have resources, talents, or skills available to me that I'm not using?" or, "What would I do if I was unafraid?" or, "What step can I take now to improve my situation that is within my control to take?" or "Are there things about myself that I hide from others because I am ashamed of them?"

Engaging Zen moments or mindfulness is another excellent way to engage your Inner Authority--that is, moments of being alert in non-judgmental attentiveness to your own thoughts, actions and feelings. Zen moments put us in touch with that presence within us that abides-- unchanging and undisturbed--no matter what is going on around us. This welcomes a state of being that brings a quality of love and light and meaningfulness and purpose to all that you do.

We are discovering that the ultimate in human experience comes from living fully awake while fully engaged in whatever experience life has placed before us. That way, we consciously choose who we are in relationship to whatever is before us. That's the fun of it--to be awake, to come off auto-pilot. Then, for example, when something irritates, you can observe, "I'm having an experience of irritation. Interesting how my abdominal muscles are so tight and my breath is shallow. Hmmm, why does it irritate me so that she chews her food that way? I wonder where does that comes from?" And suddenly, the floodgates of the subconscious patterns open and you see it all clearly. When you were five years old your mother yelled at you for chewing too loudly. That devastated your five year old but the adult you can heal that five year old now.

Following are the Daily Requirements I published in the June newsletter. I share them again because using them will support you in staying awake:
1) Smile at least once every hour, even if you can't think of a reason to do so, smile anyway. Consciously begin and end each day on a smile. Smiling releases the happy hormone. Pass on smiles everywhere you go. Smile at the sun and the flowers and the birds and bees. Smile even when your heart is breaking. As Nat King Cole sings, Light up your face with gladness.
2) Practice acts of kindness to yourself--at least one act of kindness each day. Find ways to express your deep, abiding, unconditional love for your perfectly imperfect self! If you hear your mind being critical of your self (or another), immediately correct it and express your unconditional love for your perfectly, imperfect self.
3) Practice conscious breathing. At least three times a day pause and bring your attention to your breath. Still-look-listen-breathe. Breath is the bridge between the conscious and unconscious--no toll required, air is free! As Wayne Muller reminds us, With every breath, the possibility of a new aspect of self arises.
4) Laugh at least five times a day. Tickle yourself if you must to induce the giggles. This releases a torrent of happy hormones! You can be the initiator of an epidemic of laughter for all your dear ones.
5) Try on a new behavior each and every day and establish new, good-feeling habits to replace the old habits that don't feel good. Sing crazy love songs that make you feel good. Try dance walking in public places and invite others to join you. Make funny faces at yourself in the mirror when you find yourself taking life too seriously.
6) Be bold about having fun! Be bold about celebrating life everywhere you go!

Do you feel it? Times they are a changing and that's cause for celebration! I hope you are feeling that too. We are having direct experiences of the truth that we are greater than the conditions in our environment. We need only change our inner state for our outer conditions to line up and match. It's no longer enough to know; we are all being challenged to walk our talk. I'm here to support you in any way that best serves you now. If you find yourself in need of an uplift or reality check on the cosmic weather, visit my daily posts on Facebook and Twitter--you can read the posts even if you aren't on Facebook or Twitter.

May the sun be in your heart and life’s magic and abundant blessings be with you,



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