Cosmic News August 1, 2012

Full Moon: Where Authenticity Flows, All Grows


The big cosmic news this month is that we'll have two full moon's--one on the first day of August (in Aquarius) and the second on the last day of August (in Pisces). In between we have some strong evolutionary impetuses as Neptune and the nodal axis activate the November 2011 and May 2012 solar eclipses and the Goddess of Love contributes her energy to the Uranus-Pluto dance. If you've been feeling like you could use a boost of vitalization, inspiration or encouragement, this full moon should provide just the pick-me-up you need to get the month off on the right foot.

Because you are alive, everything is possible - Thich Nhat Hanh
The August 1st full moon provides a bundle of good vibes for us to tap into. The Moon at 10 Aquarius and the Sun at 10 Leo (9:27 pm MDT) form creative, flowing connections with Motivated Mars, Expansive Jupiter, and the Great Awakener Uranus. Two flowing grand trines are created at this full moon--the Moon, Jupiter and Mars create an Air Grand Trine and the Sun, Mercury, Uranus and Moon's North Node create a Fire Grand Trine. Additionally, the Moon is in sextile aspect to Uranus and the Sun makes that same creative link to Jupiter, which adds just enough stimulation to trigger awareness, opportunities and action. 

The stimulus provided by the sextile is a most helpful dynamic with the grand trines, because the energy of a grand trine flows unrestricted, removing obstacles and resistance. Often, that's a welcome influence, especially when there have been stubborn obstacles or friction. With awareness, the grand trine energy can be harnessed consciously and its flow directed toward the outcomes you desire. 

The caveat with the grand trine is that it will flow very quickly along the path of least resistance, and if we are unaware, sometimes that flow takes things right down the toilet. With the grand trine things tend to develop quickly and this will be most noticeable if you have planets at 1-3 degrees or 7-11 degrees of the fire or air signs.

The only real danger with the grand trine is sleep-walking through the influence--do that and you end up living by default. This is not a good time to put your head in the sand and give your power away. A benefit of the full moon each month is that it brings things to culmination and full visibility--you can see clearly now what you may have felt in the dark about before. Be willing to see. With the full moon in Aquarius and its ruler, Wild-card Uranus, in friendly and creative connection with both the Sun and the Moon, unexpected benefits, pioneering possibilities and creative solutions are the name of the game. 

It's Never too Late to Allow Yourself to Be Who You Are
Our creator wants us living authentically.  That's what the Aquarian age and the transitions the human collective is undergoing is all about. Many of us have grown too distant from our spiritual roots--our authentic being. Uranus is the universal agent that supports us in releasing that which is not natural to our being. We are at a time in human history where the false in being revealed and discarded. If we've built our life on fearful choices that have led us away from our authentic self, we are feeling the agony of that denial very strongly now. It's easier to pretend otherwise and stay busy so that we don't have to think about it but it won't go away. The ego fears spirit because it reveals the shallow and artificial in our lives.

Many of us talk about spirit but then stop short of committing to a daily spiritual practice. Yet, this full moon energy makes it an excellent time to take that deeply empowering step. Begin by just letting your spirit know of your willingness. Say good morning to your spirit when you awaken each day. Talk to your spirit about your fears. Ask your spirit for clarity about the things that concern you. Just be willing--your spirit will guide you from there. None of us can afford to be closed off in our hearts or cut off from the joy and power of spirit. Even five minutes each day of consciously connecting with your spirit will make an awesome beneficial difference. And you can do anything for five minutes!  

Your imagination is your preview to life's coming attractions~Albert Einstein
Since both Mars and Jupiter also join in this happy full moon gathering, quantum leaps and epic progress can be made in relative ease these next few weeks if you are willing to not only think outside the box but even toss out the box altogether. Both Jupiter and Uranus remind us that we can’t keep doing things the same way we’ve always done them and expect new results. Humanity is at a critical crossroads where we must rise above the status quo and labels of "normal" and be willing to risk expressing our authentic selves. It will amaze us all how quickly life improves when we all give ourselves permission to do that.

What's long been considered "normal" results in many of us adopting a persona imposed by society, and we go along because we want to fit in and belong. We say yes when we feel no and we say no when we feel yes--we do all sorts of ridiculous things just to fit in. That's not going to work anymore because wherever there is falsehood, it causes misery. Top of that list is that tape that plays over and over again in most of our heads, the one that says, "you are not enough"--not loveable, not worthy, not talented--whatever, it's all rubbish! We are all enough. This full moon with Mercury retrograde is a great time to erase those tapes and replace them with messages that affirm all that you love about yourself.

Additionally, what each of us chooses to give our energy to now is creating the personal and collective realities that we will all be living these next few years. It's Mars' job to take whatever actions are necessary to reclaim our power to self-direct our lives in ways that are aligned with our personal integrity and  honor the truth that we are all brothers and sisters in eternity. In Libra, Mars can take the high road, and do so with grace and in a spirit of cooperation, that is both self and other empowering. That's Mars at its best.

At every crossroad be prepared to bump into wonder ~ James Broughton
The two parallel horizontal lines that compose the Aquarius glyph symbolize currents of energy. Aquarius symbolizes the power of the mind as the portal through which focused thought is given form. Your mind is broadcasting your thoughts 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This knowledge alone is all empowering, especially at this full moon when you have such powerful transpersonal energies at your disposal to cultivate. This is not woo-woo nonsense. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are two geniuses that proved that the human brain puts out a frequency that passes through and influences all matter.  The message is clear: we have in our heads the most powerful and fastest transmitter on the planet! 

All that is required of us is that we be astutely observant about what it is we are transmitting. The Uranus-Pluto tango is stirring up a whole lot of shadow energy. We are having more and more direct experiences of the truth that our beliefs are creating our experienced realities. For many of us, this is stirring up a tsunami of deep emotions because we are aware of all the ways we haven't been true to ourselves. What's happening is that we are becoming more acutely aware of the polarization of human consciousness and the mind's proclivity to see every situation as black or white.

The activation of the November 2011 and May 2012 solar eclipses by Neptune and the Moon's nodes is necessitating that we break the habit of judgmental, rigid perceptions of good and bad, sinful and virtuous, acceptable and not acceptable. All these judgments of our mind are just a product of our conditioning. It's critically important now to ensure that our thoughts and words and actions are cultivating peace, cooperation, compassion, and healing instead of separation, gloom, doom, dis-ease and despair. We all want to be disseminating information that facilitates compassion, peace, forgiveness and goodwill--let that be our path of least resistance.

The Path of Least Resistance
Since this full moon energy is going to flow along the path of least resistance these next few weeks, it's important to be mindful and to avoid obsessing about what's wrong. The way to move out of judgment and a focus on what's wrong is to move into gratitude. And I understand that at times that requires a powerful act of will. The ego thrives on its stories of suffering. Yet, who you are is totally and completely up to you. And one empowering decision, taken now, under these full moon influences, can change everything in miraculous ways. That's how powerful you really are.

So, together, let's keep our energy focused on what is life-affirming and delight in that. Let's get giddy with gratitude over anything that feels good because that transmits the message, More of this, please! The challenge with a focus on what's wrong is that it concentrates energy on what is wrong and under these influences, we'll just get more of that nonsense. So, with a decided heart and deliberate intention, focus on what uplifts, inspires and brings smiles and laughter.

The south node in Gemini activitating the May 2012 solar eclipse is showing us where the dangers of repeating the past must be overcome. Above all else, it's encouraging us to break the habit of telling stories from our wounds--stories of betrayal, hardship, lack, and suffering. Unless those stories also demonstrate the growth and betterment that has resulted from your pain and suffering, it's time to just stop talking about that stuff. Centuries of conditioning have rendered us split and divided and feeling hopeless and helpless. That's why it is so agonizing. Uranus is eager to collapse the waveforms of that conditioning. And it will if we get out of the way. All we need do to make Uranus our ally is to make a commitment to ourself to live authentically.

Reconnecting with Innocence--It's a soul journey, not a body journey. The body is simply the tool and the vehicle. ~ Eckhart Tolle 
Mercury continues its retrograde in Leo encouraging us to go within, get in our heart center and reconnect with our innocence. This is the time to get back in touch with our childlike delight in the world. Approach whatever presents itself to you as the next perfect step to a high quality life experience. In innocence you are open to unexpected grace. In innocence you live in a magical universe with all manner of allies and friends and mentors who are there to play with you and assist you and answer your every question. In innocence you love everybody and everybody loves you.

When you are in innocence, intuition replaces the conditioned intellect as the primary decision making faculty. It's critically important to trust your inner voice and intuition and to be alert to synchronicity. When you become aware that you are struggling, welcome Spirit to show you a new way to look at things. When something comes into your experience that causes discomfort, treat it as if it is a nobel guest that has come into your experience with purpose, meaning and wisdom to share.  For every terrible tragedy in this world, there's an equally miraculous thing that grows from it. And whatever comes, it's in our spiritual integrity to respond to it as gracefully as we are able.

I know the effort it takes to engage a spiritual practice and stay awake and aware. It's much easier to lapse into depression, obsession, despair and dis-ease. At the same time, I'm struck by the ways that even my darkest, loneliest hours have had within them the miracle of grace. I also know that life is richer when I'm willing to make the effort to have faith that there's purpose and meaning to everything, even when I can't see it.

We must evolve for our light can no longer be blocked by the darkness of the false self. We are all destined to remember who we are and to live as the creative, powerful, joyful, loving being we inherently are. No exceptions--every single one of us.

Every moment in life is an unparalleled opportunity for you to inwardly declare, express and experience the Divinity within. ~Neale Donald Walsch

A toast to that! Take yourself as you find yourself and just start right here and now. Play with life. Start today, one step at a time. Just get to know yourself better each day and grow a little closer to spirit and your authentic being. As a dear friend of mine says, All for the joy of it!

May the sun be in your heart and life’s magic and abundant blessings be with you,


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