Cosmic News December 2011

Home is Where the Heart Is


Toto, I have a feeling we are not in Kansas anymore!
The Wizard of Oz

Happiest Holiday Wishes,

I wonder how many of you identified with the trepidation Dorothy felt when she expressed to Toto her observation that they weren’t in Kansas anymore?  It’s scary. It’s intense. What’s going on out there? The energies feel even more chaotic than they typically do at this time of year with all the holiday busyness. Indeed, the cosmos are active. A few of the highlights include: Mercury’s station retrograde and the solar eclipse on Thanksgiving day, Mercury resuming direct motion next week (December 13), the total lunar eclipse this Saturday (December 10), and the fact that Mars is already in the shadow of its retrograde that takes place in January. No worries, everything you need to know to cultivate and reap the best of these energies and thrive this holiday season is covered in this newsletter.  The guidance I offer could be summed up in one sentence. Home is where your heart is! As Glenda the good witch advised Dorothy to do, Close your eyes, tap your heels together three times and say to yourself, “there’s no place like home.” 

Now, when you do that, what visions come to mind that symbolize ‘home’ for you? Those are exactly the people, places and experiences that you want to be giving your thoughts, time and energy to this month. Rest your consciousness in the comfort of home. Home is more than a house. For me, home is felt in the ‘spirit of things.’ Home is within the people and places and situations that speak to my soul. Home is in every experience where I feel joy to be alive. Home is anything that engages my heart in meaningful-to-me ways.  And that’s the thing. That delightful feeling of home may be similar for all of us—ultimately, we all want to be happy, healthy and thriving--but the people, places, circumstances and activities that engender that feeling of home are unique to each of us. And this month’s energies are encouraging us to remember that we all want our personal version of ‘feeling at home’ and to go there with our mind.

We want to feel soul-foul again. We want our lives to be rich in the ways that are meaningful to us. We are feeling weary from selling ourselves out and trying to fit into a mold that no longer fits us. We can feel sick to our soul if we are working for an organization or being cared for by an institution or engaging businesses and relationships that have lost their soul. We will feel that conflict acutely—the conflict of compromising the values and the integrity of our spirit.  The universe is bringing that to our attention now by energetically encouraging us to live true to our personal integrity. If it’s important to your soul, you can bet that it will be in your face until you take every step you are able to take to align with your soul’s integrity in all do and in all the decisions and choices you make each day. And the good news is that life will wow you with its magnificence when you take responsibility for that life exactly as it exists now, while welcoming your spirit to guide you in making choices and taking actions that lead you deeper into an experience of spirit, to that feeling of being ‘home.’

These aren’t times that try our souls. These are the times that set them free!
Melody Beattie

Mercury Retrograde and Solar and Lunar Eclipses, oh my!
Sagittarius is the sign of the solar eclipse and the sign that Mercury is moving through during its retrograde cycle. When Mercury stations direct on December 13th it activates the solar eclipse that took place in Sagittarius on Thanksgiving Day (or early the next day for many time zones).  And Mercury turned retrograde within the same 24-hour period that the solar eclipse took place. This is not a coincidence! A solar eclipse symbolizes a new beginning, just as the new moon symbolizes each month, but with a whole lot of additional “oomph” and growing power than a typical new moon. While a typical new moon’s influence is a few weeks, the influence of a solar eclipse spans up to a year.

The influence of the solar eclipse and Mercury’s retrograde have activated the same house in your birth chart, indicating that important developments are taking place in that arena of activity.  As a result, you will want to be sure that you are planting new seeds to grow new experiences in that arena of your life experience and releasing those things from your life that no longer serve your growth and wellbeing—including worn out and false beliefs. (For more information about the arena of life experience each house of the birth chart represents, see my article on Mercury retrograde. If you’d like more information on the solar eclipse and Mercury’s activation of planets in your birth chart, you might find a Mercury Retrograde Report helpful as well.)

Believing is Seeing!
The sign Sagittarius symbolizes the higher, intuitive mind. Its vibration encourages us to remember that our mind is broadcasting our thoughts 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. This knowledge alone is all empowering. This is not woo-woo nonsense. It’s scientific fact. Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison are two geniuses that proved that the human brain puts out a frequency that passes through and influences all matter. This occurs similar to radio frequencies but our brain’s frequency has the unique characteristic to bypass space and time. Our brain’s frequencies are picked up anywhere on the planet by similar frequencies. Tangible realities are created by these matching frequencies. The message is clear: we have in our heads the most powerful and fastest transmitter on the planet!  Therefore we need to be astutely observant about what it is we are transmitting. When you fire off a thought and especially if there’s emotional impetus linked to that thought, you are transmitting that frequency throughout the Universe. If your thoughts are focused on all the things you don’t like about your current life circumstances then you will continue to attract like frequencies and like experiences.

Mercury symbolizes the rational, linear or left brain, while Jupiter symbolizes the intuitive, abstract or right brain. Our job now is to integrate the two—especially with Mercury’s retrograde taking place in Sagittarius, the sign for which Jupiter is assigned ambassadorship. When Mercury is retrograde, the mind is urged to turn inward and reflect on current circumstances so that you are prepared to make adjustments when Mercury is direct again. It’s important to heed this energetic impetus to ensure that your time and energy are invested in that which is meaningful to you. You need to know what you want and how you desire to grow your life so that you can direct energy consciously (via your thoughts) in those directions when Mercury turns direct (December 13).  Let your spirit and the feeling of ‘home’ guide your reflections. The next step is to then take responsibility for ensuring that your beliefs and thoughts are aligned and transmitting your desired outcomes.

It’s with our transmissions that many of us run into problems. This is because we have been conditioned with false beliefs that no longer serve us. We all have some thinking habits that get us stuck in reliving the same kind of experiences (and ones we don’t enjoy), over and over again.  Furthermore, we have the dilemma that 99.9% of what is possible is not on our mind’s radar screen. That is, we can’t see what is possible based on the options that our rational, logical mind offers us. Then, if we can’t see a way, we conclude it’s not possible. But with Mercury’s long stay in Sagittarius due to its retrograde in this sign, we have an enormous opportunity to bring increased integration between our left and right brains. And we do that by opening our mind to new beliefs about the nature of reality and programming these new beliefs into our rational, logical minds by acting in alignment with them. This creates new neural pathways in our brains. These new neural pathways then lead to new experiences of reality. Experiences carrying the delight of feeling at home.

You create a new neural pathway each time you reprogram the limiting thoughts, the ones that arise that would limit your range of experience. The left brain feels inept when it can’t figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be because it doesn’t have a map. It doesn’t have a map because you haven’t experienced it before!  The left brain will convince you that what you want is not possible and show you all the evidence in your current circumstances that affirm why it’s not possible. What your rational mind doesn’t tell you is that the reason why you continue to experience that what you want is not possible is because your thoughts are transmitting to the universe that you don’t believe it’s possible!  It’s not the irresolvable quagmire it would seem to be. Remember, believing is seeing! First you believe and what you believe guides your thoughts about things and then you begin to have direct experiences to confirm what you believe. Therefore, it’s definitely in our best interest to believe in things that make us feel good about life and ourselves. When we don’t feel good emotionally, it’s our spirit speaking to us and letting us know that we’ve ventured away from ‘home’ and we are transmitting thoughts that will keep us feeling separated and lost.

Here’s the wonderful news—you don’t have to know how you are going to get from where you are to where you want to be. No matter how lost we may feel, we are a mere thought away from returning home. Don’t even allow your mind to get snagged by trying to figure out the ‘how’ of things. All you need to do is keep your thoughts focused on the life experiences you desire to have, to believe or express a willingness to experience the truth that life will orchestrate all the connections that need to be made to get you where you desire to go. Then your job is to demonstrate faith and let it go.  Wait for guidance. When the mind pooh-poohs and begins spewing all its doubts and relaying to you all of the facts that prove it’s impossible, STOP the flow of those thoughts. Then calmly remind your left brain that you have new beliefs now, and you know there is a way, even if you can’t see how. Immediately, a new neural pathway is made in your brain. Retrain your mind to think thoughts that life is the way your heart already knows it to be. Retrain your mind to open to and engage life’s magic, because truly there is no order of difficulty in miracles. I have now had enough delightful direct experiences of this truth to confidently assure you that you will have more and more such delightful experiences too, as new neural pathways are made in your brain.  And what did I do? I consistently affirmed, over and over again, I AM happy, healthy, and thriving—I don’t know how but life will show me how.  And life did just that. And it will guide you too, if you let go of the reins, express your willingness to try new things and you then allow your spirit and that feeling of home to guide you.  

Total Lunar Eclipse December 10th 
We are already feeling the energy of this full moon lunar eclipse in Gemini as restlessness and heightened emotions. You might be feeling ready for a big breakthrough as Uranus stations direct the same day as the eclipse, after five months of retrograde motion. This can feel like a tsunami that has reached its crest taking place inside. For the past five months, Uranus has been encouraging our mind’s to get out of their worn out ‘boxes’ so we can embrace new possibilities.  Look at your own life--where do feel the need for a breakthrough? As Uranus moves forward in motion again through the sign of Aries, it’s heralding pioneering possibilities and revolutionary solutions where they are needed to get energy flowing again. Uranus reminds us that we can’t keep doing things the same way we’ve always done them and expect new results. Changes are required. Keep your thoughts centered and your actions aligned with your vision of what you desire to experience. Refuse to allow your mind to consider any possibility other than the outcome you select. Ignore the evidence that would convince you otherwise. Be ‘out of your rational mind’ so that its doubts don’t get transmitted into the ethers by your brain.

 Direct experience of the miraculous requires unthinkable trust that what presents itself as reality,
however convincing,  is not what it appears to be.
---Neale Donald Walsch

Keep affirming your new belief that there is a direct connection between humans and spirit and that you see evidence of this connection each day. Some of that evidence is commonplace and some is extraordinary but it is all miraculous! Affirm your willingness to embrace the truth that most of what you’ve been conditioned to believe about life is incomplete and even downright inaccurate. Most importantly, remember that when your brain is transmitting your willingness to experience the magic that is the universe and it is open to having direct experiences of the unlimited possibilities available to you--possibilities that your left brain can’t even comprehend yet--then it is law that you will attract into your experience what your brain is transmitting. Remember, when you state the reality you choose to experience and state it with heart-felt conviction, as a matter of absolute fact, then it is a done deal. Know it is a done deal and let it go. You release the how and you release the when and you just know and are giddy with excitement about what is coming. And then, there it is. 

To Everything There is a Season
This is the season of miracles. Be in the sweet anticipation of the miraculous occurring. Listen to your heart. Trust and listen to your intuition and know that it is the voice of your spirit. Make a commitment to yourself to believe in life’s magic. We are remembering that what is true is always life enhancing. We are remembering that “I AM” is a powerful affirmation and that whatever follows those two words carries great creative power. This period in time is our wake-up call to stop living solely from our left brains. This is the time to make conscious contact with our spirit and to ask it to show us the steps we can take to bring more joy to our experiences. The little things matter—a smile, an act of kindness—just as much as the big things matter. Make it a conscious act of will to be gentle with yourself and others and to redirect the focus of your thoughts when they are not aligned with the happy outcomes you desire to experience. Be in sweet anticipation of having direct experiences of creating miracles! Because truly, there is no place like home, and your spirit knows the way.

If you’d like support in your endeavors, the Mercury Retrograde Report or a consultation with me might be helpful. Ask your spirit what will best support you now and take whatever steps you are able to take, trusting your intuition and inner guidance!

 There are only two ways to live your life. One, as if no thing is a miracle.
 Or the other, as if everything is a miracle.

--- Albert Einstein

This holiday season and New Year, may life’s magic and abundant blessings and grace be with you.

2011, all rights reserved

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