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Soul Opening


Happy New Moon!

The new moon is this Sunday (2/10) and Mercury enters the shadow of its retrograde today. I'm offering a special combination new moon-mercury retrograde tele-workshop this Sunday evening, see information about that below.  I apologize that it's a bit last minute but I hope you'll join me because I feel it's going to be a powerful gathering and that all participants will benefit in immediately discernable ways from the information I will be sharing.  If you aren't able to attend Sunday evening, the audio files will be made available to you immediately following the live workshop for those of you unable to attend the live workshop.

To find yourself, you must think for yourself. ~Socrates

During this retrograde cycle, Mercury will be visiting 5-19 degrees of Pisces until April 6. Those of us with planets located at 5-19 degrees of Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces are on alert that this Mercury retrograde cycle brings a discernable opportunity for an important breakthrough--and it begins now that Mercury has entered the shadow of its retrograde degrees today. And those of you with planets at 5-19 degrees of Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn are receiving a creative flow of energy that you'll be certain to want to cultivate. Additionally, both the Aquarius house in your birth chart being lit up by the new moon and the Pisces house where Mercury will have its extended stay, are both highlighted as important areas of experience.

And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. ~Anais Nin

Maybe you are feeling as Anais Nin describes, ready to blossom but afraid what it will mean to your life. Change is scary! Nevertheless, our hearts are eager to step boldly into the fullness of life and the time has come to do so--that's why remaining tight in the bud feels so uncomfortable at this time. Your soul is eager to take the steps necessary to fulfill it's purpose for being here because it knows that no-one else can fulfill that purpose. And this new moon and Mercury's retrograde are supporting you in blossoming into your totality as both a human and spiritual being so that you do fulfill your unique purpose.

The focus of this Pisces Mercury retrograde is integration of mind and Spirit--the lower, logical mind with the higher, intuitive mind, or "Inner Knower." Think of it as a golden opportunity for recalibration of your mind. The lower mind, the conditioned mind, is being upgraded beyond the dualistic, mechanistic, cause and effect "Newtonian physics" paradigm that we've all been conditioned to believe is what defines our reality. It no longer does!

Under this Mercury retrograde influence you have the opportunity to transcend the programming of your mind and the limits of your intellect. The most powerful tool you have to support this upgrade is your inner knower (but I will also be sharing some other tools to do open to the recalibration in the Sunday workshop). Your inner knower is your personal GPS for navigating your life and it's most important that you trust it!

The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you.
Please don't go back to sleep.
You must ask for what you really want.
Don't go back to sleep.
People are going back and forth across the doorsill
where the two worlds touch. The door is round and open.
Please don't go back to sleep.

I learned a wonderful technique from Access Consciousness that you might find helpful as I have--it will support you in staying in touch with the guidance of your Spirit. It provides a simple way to personally discern what's true or false in any situation. It works like this: The truth will always make you feel lighter whereas an untruth will make you feel heavier. This is because anything that makes you feel lighter is acknowledging your true being. Test it out and try it for yourself!

2012 was our warm up to these new energies and while you may not yet be experiencing the concrete evidence, you will soon enough, because there has been a shift in the earth's vibrational frequency. This Mercury retrograde in Pisces is supporting us in synching our mind with this "unity consciousness" frequency. The human mind is receiving its upgrade to support us in transcending its stories of separation and empowering us to surpass its fixed capacities. The upgrade that's taking places is meant to empower us to begin telling a new story about who we are, what is real and what is true.

One day my soul just opened up and out poured all the things I'd been hiding and denying and living through. One day my soul just opened up and I decided I was good and ready...So, with my soul wide open, I sat down, wrote Her a note and thanked her. ~Gemmia Vanzant

The freedom oriented Aquarian New Moon (21 degrees Aquarius) occurs February 10th just after midnight MT (12:20am). While Aquarius is often called the "Water Bearer," That's a misconception. Aquarius is an air sign, not a water sign, and its glyph, two parallel horizontal wavy lines, symbolize currents of energy. The nature of all reality is energy or vibration. As both an air sign and a fixed sign, Aquarius represents the power of thought (air) as it manifests in form (fixed). With Aquarius, the act of focusing mental energy on a desired outcome is the portal through which it becomes real. Aquarius is one of the transpersonal signs and its focus is to use the mind for broadcasting visions of an inclusive world that welcomes, encourages and values the participation of all. The Aquarian motto: "Life is about the fun of exploring all the possibilities of being alive! Every individuated light shining at full radiance, free to be you and me!"

The primary goal of iconoclastic Aquarius is to discard the restraints of conformity and overcome the enormous forces of mainstream socialization. This new moon puts us in the mood to unhook from the suffocating status quo and pioneer new possibilities. In order to conquer that tribal instinct, we must all cultivate an absolute loyalty to truth. To experience the Aquarian goal of true freedom, we must be willing to trust ourselves and challenge the existing systems and state of affairs when we know in our heart that they do not serve the freedom they purport to be serving, be it in our personal world or our collective world. The golden opportunity this month is embracing the joy and prosperity that flow when you live authentically.

What if you, truly being you, is the gift and the change this world requires? ~Dr. Dain Heer

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! We each have access to the Aquarian gift of genius--the ability to think in ways we have not been taught to think. It's all about radically reforming, brilliantly inventing, and upholding principles of universal equality. The Aquarian age is about remembering that we are all in this together and what we do to improve our own situation ultimately uplifts every drop in the ocean of humanity. This Aquarius new moon heralds an excellent month for cultivating that Aquarian gift for genius ideas and brilliant solutions and channeling it in ways that empower all.

Combo New Moon--Mercury Retrograde Workshop 30% Savings!
Please join me for this tele-workshop, offered this Sunday, February 10th, 8-10pm ET (7-9CT, 6-8 MT). It's okay if you can't participate live, this workshop will be recorded and everyone registered will receive the audio file, workbook and your personal birth chart. Since the focus of the cosmic energies this new moon and Mercury retrograde is about embracing ALL OF YOU, I will talk about how you can use the energies of this new moon and mercury retrograde to do just that and coach you in ways to most easily work through any resistance to the upgrade. We will discuss the energies of this new moon and Mercury retrograde and talk about the kind of new moon intentions/wishes that align most powerfully with these energies. We will discuss the meaning of the new moon and Mercury's retrograde by house position as well as the activation of the planets in your birth chart. This 2-hour workshop includes audio files, a comprehensive New Moon Wishing Workbook and a copy of your birth chart. Use this link for more information or to sign up to participate in this workshop. I hope you will join me! As a community of people coming together to celebrate this new moon, we tap into the awesome vibrational frequencies and the magic of life that being present in Body, Mind and Spirit generates.

To support you during this Mercury Retrograde I'm also offering a special on the Mercury Retrograde report. This report provides a thorough explanation of Mercury's influence in your birth chart during its retrograde period, including all connections Mercury makes to your birth and progressed planets. It also includes a thorough explanation of Mercury's influence on the house or houses in your birth chart where it is having an extended stay. Nowhere else is this report offered and it provides day by day information not only of Mercury's influence but also the transits of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron during Mercury's retrograde.

I also welcome the opportunity to provide you with consulting, coaching or tutoring services if these more perfectly meet your needs this month. Thank you for reading this newsletter! It's my great pleasure to be in your inbox.

Until next time, happiest wishes and bountiful blessings this new moon! I'm wishing you joyous soul-opening experiences.

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