Cosmic News January 2012

Mastering Mars Retrograde

There is only one corner of the Universe you can be certain of improving.
That’s your self  ~
Aldous Huxley



Happy January greetings to you! The big cosmic news this month is that Mars is beginning its retrograde period on January 23, making its station at 23Virgo. Currently, Mars is moving at a snails pace compared to its typical speed. It’s energy is already quite powerful and will be for the next two weeks as it makes its station. The energetic focus of its retrograde cycle has most likely become evident in your personal circumstances. There is dynamic energy in this Mars cycle that will need to be turned into decisive action this spring. The challenge we all confront with this Mars retrograde cycle is to focus on developing a vitalizing path of action. During the Mars retrograde, we need to tap into the ideas and options lying dormant as possibilities within us.

You may have been receiving signs and hints since mid November about where the focus of Mars retrograde energy is for you. You may even feel a bit irritable and tight or even constrained by some circumstance in your life--Mars biting at the bit to make changes but sensing the time is not yet ripe. This is the time period when things in progress tend to reach a critical point, where they will either reach an important milestone or they will be delayed or put on the back burner until after April 14 when Mars resumes direct motion.  Mars only has a retrograde cycle every two years, two months. Therefore, its retrograde period signifies a significant time for going within and reflecting on how potent and filled with passion you are about the things that consume most of your time.

Now is the right time to consider how feisty you have been feeling. When our Mars energy is flowing, we are feeling sassy and powerful and as master of our lives.  Mars reminds us that our Creator did not place desires in our psyche for them to be thwarted or disappointed but rather as an incentive to keep us growing. Think of your desires as your instruction blueprints of the possible—for if you can imagine it, it is your destiny to create the experience of it. And Mars is the go-getter that acts on those desires.

While Mars is retrograde, its energy is turned inward for a time, providing us with the opportunity to pause and really consider where our current life is leading us. Mars asks, “What do I really desire? What kinds of experiences, when I think about them, make me feel inspired, potent and spirited? Where must I be more assertive if I am not to suffer pointless drama and strife? How might I sharpen my will? Is there anything I’m angry about for which I need to find a healthy outlet? Where do I need to summon the courage to act on my desires?”  Mars retrograde provides us with an opportunity to pause, reconsider, and review so that the worthwhile things in our life are given center stage.

As eternal beings having a human experience, Mars reminds us that our human journey is meant to be a bold, active, heroic and completely engaged adventure, not the ho-hum that it sometimes becomes when we forget why we got involved with something in the first place.  As astrologer Carolyn Casey describes it, “Arousal is necessary if we are to be able to take appropriate action. We must fully possess our Mars or else others will kidnap Mars’ desire and harness it to the lumbering oxen of drama, war and violence.”  None of us benefit from engaging a Mars gone wrong. There are many life-affirming ways to express Mars’ fiery fierceness. While it’s retrograde, it’s our duty to discover them and feed Mars what it wants. Your Mars’ favorite recipe is written there for you in your birth chart. When we feed Mars what it wants, we embody the healthy qualities of that fire energy: bravado, boldness, courage and the forthrightness that enable us to claim our life as our own without sacrificing others in the process.

Fire is generous; it is no more depleted by sharing its radiance than a candle is by lighting many lamps. ~Miranda Shaw

Mars is having its retrograde cycle while moving through 3-23 degrees of practical, resourceful, analytical, healing, in-full-possession-of-myself, Virgo. This retrograde cycle in Virgo is all about deciding where to focus and invest your energies, ensuring that you are following your inspiration and your own authority because after all, you are master of your life. Virgo’s high calling is cultivation and refinement of self. Virgo harnesses attention to detail and critical thinking skills, willing to immerse itself in the mucky-muck of life if necessary to get on path and discover its essential self. Virgo knows that God is in the details. Virgo rules the intestines and digestive process. With Mars in Virgo we must courageously process the “what is” of our lives and deduce where me may have gotten caught up in stuff that drains away our vitality and passion for living. This assimilation of insights is critical so that we are not plagued by physical, mental, or emotional indigestion.

A potent Mars is focused, direct, energetic and full of initiative.
Mars must be fiercely focused not to be distracted by the world’s trivial, energy-wasting temptations.
~Rob Brezsny

Mars entered the shadow of its retrograde cycle on November 16, 2011. Think back over the past few months because Mars has already been stirring insights into the focus of its energy for you this retrograde cycle. Mars wants you to take a look at the things you are engaging but that no longer stir your passions.  Your job during its retrograde cycle is to stir up the embers of those fires or to just allow the fire to go out if it’s no longer creating any heat that can be stirred back to life. Don’t be hasty in making decisions or taking action—you’ve got time to be clear headed about it all—Mars’ visit to Virgo gifts clear-headedness if you have the courage to honestly confront what presents itself.  The house in your birth chart where Mars will be having an extended 7-month stay due to its retrograde cycle, will give you clues about the arena of life experience that is most in focus. Additionally, Mars will be having an extended pow wow with the planets in your birth chart that it engages during its retrograde cycle and keeping your eye on the timing of those contacts will ensure that all voices are being heard and taken into account.

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Until next time, Mars will be energized by having you work up an appetite for life by consciously identifying and engaging what stirs your passions and joy to be alive!

               It is not possible to resolve our problems or issues in life if
      we do not know who we are. Knowing ourselves is the foundation to
      understanding what we do, why we do it, and how to change.
 -- Andrew Schneider

2012, all rights reserved

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