Cosmic News January 2013

Golden Opportunity


Happy Greetings!
What's the best thing about a new year? A brand new year symbolizes the promise of a new beginning, the potential for a fresh start, and an opportunity to revitalize our lives. And the 2013 cosmic weather certainly offers that. Approach it as the year of golden opportunity. Your Higher Self is eager to create something brand new because it knows it will bring new vitality to your life. Maybe you've already identified it and are well on your way or maybe not, but either way, I promise you, the golden opportunity offered by this year 2013 is to fall madly and deeply in love with your life.

You are ready to call into your mind the knowledge of your soul regarding its true agenda. And there's an impulse deep within you that makes you want to do this now. It comes from that part of you that looks at your life and whispers, 'it doesn't have to be this way.' ~ Neale Donald Walsch

One of the most important things to understand about the 2013 cosmic forecast is that nothing less than a full engagement of life will satisfy your spirit this year. In other words, it won't feel good to Pollyanna it because lying to or betraying yourself will result in misery. Your Higher Self/Spirit is eager to orchestrate that deliciously satisfying life for you to fall in love with. It's eager to fill in all the places you have been experiencing a lack. However, to be able to do that, it must bring to your attention where you are not fully open to those golden opportunities. A lot of us are having our comfort zones pushed. Your Higher Self must clear the dams (habits and patterns) that are resisting or blocking the flow of the life that fits you perfectly. If you've got junk in your face right now, see that as a good thing. It's not in your face to punish you or bring despair but to make you uncomfortable enough that you become aware of it and are motivated to do something about it. Your Spirit is challenging your comfort zones because those zones are what block and resist the full expression of your authentic being and that is what has been preventing you from creating the life of your dreams.

We've all got important personal contributions to make to the totality of life this year. With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn in friendly cahoots this year, we are getting in touch with our foundational integrity (which is both spiritual and human) and expressing it in the world. Both Saturn and Pluto have a reputation for 'tough love.' That's because their perspective is that we'll never know what we're really made of unless we're tested in ways that prompt us to step into our personal authority. And 2013 is all about stepping into our personal power and authority and wielding it in ways that also empower others. We are all very much in this together--no more us against them. So, it's top priority that we get our courage on and bravely witness and clear all the stuff that would have us living from the belief that we are small, helpless or powerless--those are the falsehoods we've been conditioned to believe and that veil has been lifted. Welcome to 2013!

Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And go and do that. Because what the world needs now is people who have come alive. ~ Howard Thurman

Saturn and Pluto are allies this year and next. Together their energy supports us in peeling away all the false, conditioned layers of our being. We are learning self-mastery over the exchange of energy between our self and everything we experience as outside of ourself. Most importantly, we are recognizing that what we are and do impacts all sentient life forms. Saturn and Pluto are illuminating all the cracks in the systems and structures we've established both personally and collectively that do not support the well-being of the whole they propose to be serving. This isn't about pointing fingers at the "bad guys." This is about being integral in what we support and give our energy to, as new foundations of power and authority are being established.

During 2012, we began having more direct experiences that we are all in this together: we influence and are influenced by all the parts of the One. When our mind knows peace, every consciousness on this planet is touched by that peace. So it is also true that when our mind knows judgment, anger, guilt, prejudice, hatred, and other such fears and distortions, it touches the consciousness of all other parts of the One.

Establishing these new foundations of being that embrace and express both our Divinity and Humanity is a step by step process. And it will be most satisfying if we acknowledge each step, no matter how tiny. Every step taken successfully is reason for celebration. Self-mastery is the key that opens the doors to the golden opportunities. For example, every time you reserve judgment is an awesome accomplishment! Our mind has been deeply conditioned to judge everything. It's also been deeply conditioned to believe certain realities, to look to outer authorities for safety and security, to resist certain types of experiences and to cling to other types of experiences.

We've all been conditioned to look for the nearest exit when things are unpleasant and uncertain. Our mind is conditioned to seek promises of relief so it never has to stay with the pain long enough to learn anything from it. Approach these habits with compassion and empathy--be gentle (but firm) with yourself and others. As Pema Chodron offers, Feel sympathetic toward the unkept quality of life. Begin with the understanding that we can't experience profound well-being without working with the gritty of life...The chaos of our lives isn't terrible. It's simply the material we work with.

A couple of great questions to pause and ask ourselves as soon as we recognize a self-defeating pattern emerging are, "What qualities do I need to embody and activate within myself to be at peace with this?" And, "What facets of my multidimensional being are trying to emerge as a result of this situation or condition?" Instead of trying to fix or change the situation (because that just expands on the condition by giving it more energy) a good tactic is to focus on being at peace, even if the condition never changes. Focused breathing is an excellent way to pause and recenter. Few of us have been taught to do that! So we must now learn to cultivate the qualities that bring peace and trust that the "how" to respond to life's chaos in life-vitalizing ways will be revealed to us by Life itself. Once we recognize and accept whatever is before us, it has served its purpose, (which was only to catalyze our awareness that it exists and that it has been blocking the expression of the totality of our being). The goal is not to cope or to resign yourself to the situation but to experience actual freedom from it and that can only be accomplished by accepting and allowing.

Life brings you challenges, difficulties and unique conditions, situations and circumstances that are ideally suited to bring out the best in you so that you might be a light unto the darkness and experience yourself as you really are.  ~ Neale Donald Walsch

Another step, and a fun, playful one, is to identify what you absolutely do love about life and what you are totally and completely grateful for and to give those things lots and lots of your conscious attention. In other words, take your focus off what you don't like and put it on what you do. There are always things to be grateful for. For example, express your gratitude to your body for being the vehicle that enables you to express and experience all aspects of your humanness and Divinity. Thank the sun for its warmth and the moon for the beauty it brings to the night sky. Thank your home for providing you with a sanctuary where you can retreat from life's grittiness. Appreciate the food you eat for sustaining your well-being. Thank the car you drive for getting you from here to there. Let the people you love and play and work with know how very much you value their presence in your life. You get the picture. As Michael Beckwith reminds us, Gratitude places you in the energy field of plentitude. Gratitude is a cure-all, as demonstrated in the words of John Henry Jowett, Gratitude is a vaccine, an antitoxin, and an antiseptic to whatever ails you.
Another very crucial step we must take is to fully accept responsibility for authoring our own lives. Astrology is a great ally in accomplishing this. It validates your unique strengths and gifts and yes, even your weaknesses--those habits and patterns that your soul intended to transcend on this life journey (because that's helpful information too!). Astrology assists you in completely honoring your uniquely individualized expression of Divinity by providing you with a map of the totality of your multidimensional being. Astrology validates that what you really want to experience was exactly what your soul intended for you to experience and it helps you to identify your soul's unique rhythm and right timing for being in the right place at the right time to connect with the opportunities that will grow your life in the direction that both your spirit and humanity desire to grow it. Astrology assists you in aligning your body, mind and expressed personality with your soul's evolutionary intentions and this re-energizes you and fills you with renewed faith in life and yourself.

This year's cosmic influences provide golden opportunities that you don't want to miss cultivating. We stand at a precipice. Our job is to know ourselves as co-creators of the reality we live. First thought and feeling and then form. As Muhammad Ali expressed it, It’s the repetition of affirmations that lead to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things start to happen. All of us have this power to create and each of us has experienced this truth directly--experienced the truth that we do transfer from the world of body, mind and emotion to the world of form. If in 2012 we experienced ourselves as more adept at creating exactly what we didn't want, it was only because the unwanted got more of our mind's attention than it gave to what was desired.

This year, just remember that whatever you put your attention on is guaranteed to show up in your life. When you catch your mind focusing on that which you believe you are being denied, refocus it with gratitude, embraced in the understanding that what you desire is already here, it's just waiting for your mind to allow it to show up! The energies of the year are conspiring to support our collective destiny, to create a world where all know the truth of peace, joy, and material abundance. The energies will touch each one of us where our mind remains snared in the belief in lack and limitation so that we can consciously clear it by choosing differently. Astrology provides a tool to assist us in this mind-deconditioning quest, as it provides guidance into the facets of our psyche where doubts and fears remain, hiding in shadows. To be as we wholly are is sweet liberation, peace, and joy! These are the guaranteed destiny for each and every one of us who allows the dissolution of the mind's beliefs otherwise.

Of course, it is my pleasure to provide you with services (classes, consultations and/or reports) that support you in navigating your birth chart and making the most out of the cosmic influences. Until next time, may we all make peace and authenticity our mind's joyous decision!
Warmest blessings and best wishes,


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