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January 1999: The Art of Forecasting


Most of us are quite curious about what the future might hold.  I think that is why the horoscopes that are published on-line and in all popular newspapers and magazines are read by so many.  (Of course, I would tell you that while they may be entertaining to read, they are a misrepresentation of astrology.)  No question, we'd all like to have a peek into our future: it's comforting to think that we can in some way prepare ourselves for those curve balls that life often throws our way.  And we can be prepared, that is one of the benefits that astrology does offer us!

However, that peek into the future is not founded on the placement of our sun sign and hence is the reason why horoscopes have little relevance to our personal concerns.  That peek into the future, is absolutely meaningless without a full understanding of ALL of the natal birth chart indicators.  The natal chart is what allows us to keep the forecast influences in perspective.  There's one very important rule in using astrological symbology for forecasting: the relevancy of any influence is found within the natal birth chart.  Nothing that isn't a potential there, is going to happen.  The glory is, there is endless potential in each and every one of our birth charts.  Most of us have not even begun to tap into all the possibilities our birth charts reveal!  Astrologer, Lloyd Cope, expressed my own perspective on astrological forecasting when he said:  "Forecasting, to me, is a fascinating, positive and productive part of astrology because it facilitates astrology's ultimate purpose: consciousness-raising through increased awareness of the existence and power of the Cosmic Plan."

Yes, we all do have a very unique and special contribution to make here on earth.  We are all a part of the Cosmic Plan.  Another important aspect of forecasting, or predictive astrology, is that it assists us with right timing of our actions.  Our very personal and unique birth chart is not static - and when the birth chart is used in combination with the forecast charts, the human self in its becoming is revealed.  There is a not so good, better, and best time for any activity - and forecasting techniques outline those times for us and help us in planning for those moments when we will reach out for that brass ring we know in our heart's it is our right to claim for ourselves.  It really is true that for "everything there is a season."  Predictive astrology outlines our personal seasons for us.  The point is, we are each very unique in our needs and desires, as well as in our timing.  We need first, to KNOW ourselves and 2nd, to align ourselves with our own inner clocks.  The stars can assist us with these things by validating who we know ourselves to be beyond our conditioning and by outlining the timing of our personal unfoldment.
Astrology is a wonderful tool meant to assist you in remembering what you might have forgotten in the learning from others what they felt was best for you.  Sometimes we walk the path that others have encouraged us to walk, even after we've ceased finding joy in that walking .  We forget about claiming our own destiny.  We all have an inner barometer that lets us know when we are walking the right path for us:  our heart's dance with glee to the glorious YES! of life.  We feel infused with energy.  We feel good about ourselves. A visit with an astrologer should put you in touch with your own barometer.

Astrological forecasting works at all levels of experience; the mundane/physical, mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual.  But it works best on the spiritual level.  Why?  Because we are all *exceptional!*  We are all powerful spiritual beings.  Astrology works best at this level because it relates to who we are beyond our physical bodies and mundane reality.  The fact that most of us think of ourselves as human's first and spiritual beings second doesn't make it a truth.  If we pay attention, it quickly becomes obvious that we ARE spiritual beings who donned human costumes.  The birth chart only validates what we already know deep within ourselves.  It is only a tool meant to assist us in contacting our deepest selves in order to remember: that we are exceptional, that we have grace and gifts to share with the rest of humanity.  To remember that we each have a purpose for being here.

Therefore, just as the process of life works at various levels of human experience, so does predictive astrology.  What do I refer to when I speak of the spiritual level?    It relates to the meaningfulness and purpose of things.  For example, let's say that you were just fired from your job.  That's a manifestation on the physical or mundane level.  In response, maybe your self-esteem takes a dive.  Maybe you feel depressed and despairing.  That's a manifestation on the emotional level.  Over time, you start to wonder, what does this experience mean?  Why has this happened to me?  How does this fit in with the big picture of my life?  Those are questions relevant to the spiritual level of experience, the level where predictive astrology is gloriously accurate.

Of course, astrological symbology would outline the possibilities for such a physical outcome as being fired from a job.  But there are many possibilities.  Saturn's energy may be very strong in your chart at that time.  So might Mars, or Uranus, or Neptune or Pluto.  Your 6th or 10th house or the ruler of your 10th or 6th house is being transited.  All of these factors could relate to the event of losing one's job.  And countless others as well.  Let's approach this from another direction.  Let's consider a particular astrological configuration, and a specific one: Transiting Saturn conjunct (merged with) the natal Sun.  For now, we will leave the analysis of the houses out of it.  Now, how might transiting Saturn conjunct natal Sun manifest on the physical or mundane level?  One person could get fired from their job, but another might get a promotion.  Another person might get married, and yet another might get divorced.  Another yet might have conflict with one of the parents while another's relationship with the parents is improved.  Maybe another is shouldering new responsibilities.  Still another may discover they have a chronic or debilitating illness...

Each of these examples represents a potential mundane or physical event when Saturn is conjunct the natal Sun.  A lot of  possibilities and I haven't even scratched the surface!   Now, imagine that you have just gone to see an astrologer who noticed you had that particular configuration of transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Sun.  How useful would it be for you to hear: "There's a good possibility you will lose your job." Or, more horrific, "Your father might die."  I'd say not useful at all.  First, such a prediction is inaccurate.  While such things may indeed be the outcome, the prediction is inaccurate if it is the only possibility mentioned!  Honestly, astrology cannot make singular predictions concerning the physical level of existence.  Astrology can only address the probability for particular manifestations on the physical level. Additionally, predictions like this leave us feeling like a helpless victim of fate - be that a fate we embrace or a fate we deplore, either way we feel we are a puppet on a string.  Further offensive is that such predictions don't assist us in understanding our experiences or in making sense of them.  In other words they don't address the spiritual level where astrology works best!  Maybe being fired from our job is divine blessing in disguise, but maybe we aren't able to recognize it as such because we are focusing our energy on the bad fate of being fired.

People ask me all the time: "Will I get this job promotion?"  "Will my lover come back to me?"  "Will my marriage last forever?"  And these are questions that astrology CAN'T answer with yes or no answers, at least not with any statistically significant accuracy.  They can only be answered as a set of probabilities.  Why?  Because we each have free will.  The future is not predetermined.  Why then can astrologers be accurate at times if they make such predictions?  Because of what  astrologer Steven Forrest would call the "Field of Probability."  In other words, because often the truth is that the past is the best predictor of the present.  The glory is that it doesn't have to be!

What about predictions made at the psychological/mental/emotional level of human experience?  How does astrology do there?  Much better.  And that's wonderful because sometimes it helps a lot to have someone validate our feelings or better yet, to assist us in sorting out what our true feelings are.   But again, it is at the spiritual level that astrology is our strongest ally.  At the spiritual level, transiting Saturn conjunct the Sun has the same general meaning and purpose for every one of us: the determination to structure and build our life (Saturn) merges with our personal integrity (Sun).  Life's reality tester (Saturn) has united with (conjunction) our sense of identity and conscious purpose (Sun).

Saturn transits always represent some sort of right of passage in our development, and when Saturn is making contact with our natal Sun, the symbol of our core identity, we are given the opportunity to determine if we're going where we want to be going.  Have we allowed someone else to make our choices for us?  Who's claiming authority over our lives?  What stands in the way of our realizing our dreams?  What can we realistically do about it?  What sort of adjustments do we need to make to assure that our life is our own?  An astrologer can be more specific about the areas of life that transit of Saturn is touching by looking at the houses of the natal chart involved.

Think about this.  Two people have the same transit of Saturn conjunct the natal Sun.  Both are working in unfulfilling jobs.  Both have dreams of doing something else.  One gets fired and the other gets a promotion.  Now, which of those two people is the more fortunate one?  I guess my point is, things are not always what they seem, especially if we just look at their manifestation on the physical level.  Astrology is a tool meant to serve all levels of human experience by demonstrating how they are all interwoven into the wholeness of us!  Yes, Saturn conjunct the Sun might represent the event of being fired from our jobs, but more importantly, how do we truly feel about that?  What meaning does that event have for us?

Saturn merges with our natal Sun for the purpose of assisting us in claiming our own lives.  And as you might imagine, all of the possible physical manifestations listed above would be the type of experience that relates to this spiritual theme.  When we are aware ahead of time of the sorts of issues and purpose a particular planetary energy combination represents for us, then we can work with the energies and direct them consciously.  We make things happen versus having them happen to us.  We become conscious managers of our destiny.  We make our choices with our eyes wide open.  We create our own options.  We see life as a process not a series of isolated and disassociated events.

If you are interested in learning more about specific forecasting techniques, I am developing a series of workshops on this topic.  There are countless techniques available to the predictive astrologer and I hope to address them all.  I also highly recommend "The Changing Sky" by Steven Forrest, "Road map To Your Future" by Bernie Ashman, and "The Eagle and the Lark" by Bernadette Brady as excellent texts about predictive astrology.


"Far better it is to dare mighty things...even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who live in the gray twilight that know not victory nor defeat."
                 --  Teddy Roosevelt

"Take it as a blessing or take it as a test; whatever happens, happens for the best"
                  -- Old Proverb

"It is a funny thing about life: if you refuse to accept anything but the best,  you very often get it."
               -- W. Somerset Maugham

"Life is denied by lack of attention, whether it be to cleaning windows or trying to write a masterpiece."
               --  Nadia Boulanger

"I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately; to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."
               --  Henry David Thoreau

Always, Love and Joy be with you.

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