Cosmic News June 2010

Getting Your Groove On




Here we are, walking hand in hand, somewhere on the sand, at the end of the land at the edge of the shining sea, drifting through time and space on the face of a little blue ball falling around the sun. One in a million, billion, twinkle little lights….

--- James Taylor, There We Are


As the cosmic energies reach dynamic heights this summer, it’s helpful to have the perspective that life is a process of atoms flowing through time and space. We inhabit a planet floating in empty space, spinning in a galaxy that exists in a universe that goes on forever. Things happen all the time that are absolutely outside our control.  That’s just a fact of human existence. We can enjoy that human experience or not. That’s our choice. We can be bothered or extremely disturbed and traumatized or we can enjoy the ebbing and flowing inherent to the journey. This summer’s planetary configurations are encouraging us to become skilled at choosing our responses consciously so that we are poised to make the best out of whatever shows up and better yet, to cultivate sweetness in the journey.  Bottom line: it’s entirely up to us how we experience the journey.


The Journey

We create our experience of reality. That’s the message of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Reality is created in the mind. What’s most “real” to us is direct experience and our interpretation of our direct experience is dependent on personal perception. As the planets orbit the sun, they cycle through all twelve signs of the zodiac, structuring experience. The cycle begins with consciousness taking form in Aries with the awareness I AM. Aware of itself, consciousness then proceeds to create an individuated identity in Taurus. In Gemini it experiences itself as part of a stimulating multidimensional environment outside itself.  Consciousness then explores the realm of human emotion and creates a sense of belonging and interdependency with other beings in its environment in Cancer. That provides the self with a feeling of security that encourages it to take risks with creative expression in Leo. In Virgo, consciousness fine tunes its authentic self-expression in readiness to share its individuated self-expression in Libra where it experiences itself in relationship to all that it recognizes as outside itself.  In Scorpio, consciousness delves deeper into the human experience and has the willingness to confront limitations, taboos and judgments so that it can have a liberating and direct experience of true freedom in Sagittarius. In Capricorn, consciousness has the opportunity to bring its matured individuated integrity to its social roles and then to celebrate that in community with others in Aquarius, where it has the experience that we are all in this together and we are further empowered when we join forces with others who share our goals and dreams. After the Aquarian experience, consciousness releases its identification with its formed realities in Pisces and experiences consciousness itself as solid and real.


The influence of Pisces energy reminds us that the only reality that we can fully contact and have the power to influence is our own perceptions of and response to the formed world. With the expanded understanding that we acquire from the journey symbolized by the twelve signs of the zodiac, a new cycle is once again initiated beginning in Aries only it is with an expanded awareness of our I AM that was gained in the previous cycle.  We are ever evolving—All That IS, is ever evolving.


On June 8, expansive Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus joined forces in the first sign of the zodiac, pioneering Aries.  This sign has inherent expertise in creating new formed realities.  You may be feeling the urgency to create your life anew because that is what these two planets are inspiring. Jupiter and Uranus are encouraging us to shake it up and try on new ways of being. These two are encouraging us to get excited about life again and one way they do this is by bringing our attention to the stuff of our lives that has grown dull, boring or energy sapping and pointless. This is a very important seed planting time for growing the life you are thrilled to imagine yourself living. The only caveat?  Finish the unsatisfactory.  Bravely confront it, fully experience it and with love, invite it to pass on. Jupiter and Uranus are supporting us in that releasing process as well when both planets reenter the sign of Pisces and reunite in Pisces two more times, first in September and then in January 2011.


From an experiential perspective, their reentry into Pisces may feel to us like a regression after the surge of energy we’re feeling now. It’s not a regression so much as it’s meant to provide us with a few more opportunities to consciously release the past we don’t prefer to carry forward with us into the future. Therefore, if you aren’t getting immediate results from your manifestation efforts, be patient and recognize this as a gestational period.  The Pisces motto: keep the faith! Above all else, these next eight weeks are a sowing time, so plant your seeds, plant lots and lots of them, and do so with enthusiasm and certainty of a bountiful harvest. They’ll bring that harvest but it can’t be rushed.


In his book, The Untethered Soul, Michael Singer asserts that the highest spiritual path is life itself and that the only real decision for us to make is if we are going to enjoy the journey or not. That’s our choice. And Pisces reminds us that it needs to be an unconditional decision, independent of life being a certain way, (i.e. our way). Judgments are conditions and peace and happiness are both unconditional decisions. Pisces represents a decision to embrace the sweetness regardless of what happens. No qualifications. Conditions limit our ability to experience the joy of the journey itself. So does the illusion that we have any control over what happens outside ourselves. Heck, most of the things we fear might happen, never do! We just throw energy away resisting the past and clinging to the unformed future.  Silly to worry. Aries is all about being here, now and creatively responding to what is before us, here and now.  


The Gift

The gift of Jupiter and Uranus uniting their energies in Aries is the expansive awareness that truly, anything is possible.  Anything. Their message is: Drop the serious world. Drop your preoccupation with the past and the future. You’re creating it anew right here and right now with your every choice. As we revisit the sign of Pisces this fall you’ll have many more opportunities to let go of the forms of the past that are preventing you from having an enjoyable human experience in the present. They’ll disappear on their own once you stop resisting them or clinging to them. The fact is, you have limited time in your body and it’s not sane to suffer through your human experience. When something presents itself to you that isn’t to your liking, acknowledge it and invite it to come pass on. Trust that it will--it will pass on because only resisting it or clinging to it enables it to have influence in your experience. It truly is that simple. And right here and now and for the next eight weeks in time and space, while we are united in the sign of Aries, we encourage you to plant the seeds of the life you imagine it will be your joy to live. Nurture them daily. And when something presents itself that disturbs you, try responding to it in ways you’ve never responded before. Try laughing at yourself. Try on new hats. Play at life. Have fun with it. Open and then open more to the possibilities that excite you.  Welcome the experience of being fully alive. If you can imagine it, it is within your power to create it. Be gentle with yourself. Remember, you are perfectly imperfect exactly as you are. Your ideas about perfection are evolving. You can’t get it wrong. When you feel you have let yourself down, no big deal, just get back up and affirm your commitment to staying open, to allowing what is, no matter what. Remember how uniquely precious is each and every moment of your experience in time and space, that each is punctuated with contrast and diversity that expands your range of experience and your awareness of what’s possible and quite literally, expands the nature of all formed reality with each passing moment of time.


This Summer’s Eclipses

The lunar eclipse on June 26 involves Sun and Mercury united in Cancer in opposition to the Moon and Pluto united in Capricorn and all four of them in the dynamic 90 degree connection to Jupiter and Uranus united in Aries.  This creates a planetary configuration astrologers refer to as a t-square and it occurs in 0-4 degrees of these cardinal signs. These degrees will be reactivated in late July through mid August by Mars and Saturn united in Libra opposite Jupiter and Uranus in Aries in 90 degree connection to Pluto in Capricorn.  Wowser! A lunar eclipse is a full moon with a lot of oomph behind it. The lunar eclipse symbolizes a time of powerful illumination, where things are out in the open and its energy gifts us with the potential to see “what is” with clarity. If we find ourselves caught up in events and circumstances that disturb us, all we need do is remember to witness, allow and invite them to come, pass on. In your awareness that you are choosing how to respond to whatever is before you, you are empowered, the Force is with you and your responses will be inspired. The planets are encouraging radically revolutionary responses. As the saying goes, we can’t continue to respond in the same way and expect different outcomes. The only thing any of us ever has to deal with is our own fears and our desire for things to be different than they are—as a collective, we are learning that it is resisting and clinging that are at the roots of all human misery.


A total solar eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer will follow on July 11th, inviting a new beginning.  It is receiving support from Mars in Virgo indicating that our willingness to harness our courage and go through the mucky muck will inspire practical solutions to even the most daunting of predicaments. Mars directs the expression of our free will—its energy supports us to focus and choose our perceptions and interpretations consciously. The sign Cancer symbolizes cultivating the soul-satisfying experience of nurturance and belonging in a diverse, multidimensional universe. The energy of the sign of Cancer encourages us to go to the roots of our being—to be heart-centered. It reminds us of the healing power of unconditional love and unconditional allowing of whatever is, to be as it is. It reminds us of the power of love to regenerate and transform our experience of “what is.”  The journey through the sign of Cancer is an invitation to see love even where it appears not to be and to enjoy the experience of witnessing “what is” transforming spontaneously right before our eyes. As the Course in Miracles sets forth: there is no order of difficulty in miracles!


If you would benefit from having additional insight into how this summer’s cosmic dynamics are influencing your personal circumstances, it is my sincere pleasure to be of service to you.  I offer customized consultations to fit your specific needs, a diverse selection of astrology and numerology reports and an online reading room of articles about a wide variety of astrological topics to support you in your journey.


Until next time, may your life be your blessing. Joyfully possessed by the creative force, choose your own adventure!


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