Cosmic News June 2012

Winning at the Game of Life



Our adventures in time and space have been amped up, providing us with opportunities to take our stand and give our honesty to every choice we make. Think of it this way, the 'antes just got upped' in the Game of Life. It's time to go all in, just for the fun of it.  Here's the caveat--the rules of the game have changed and the only way to win the game is if everybody wins.

Don't be afraid that your life will end, be more concerned that it may never begin. ~ Grace Hansen

It's helpful to have this awareness at this new moon taking place at 28 Gemini--the second new moon in this sign (the first at the May 20th solar eclipse). Bottom line is that it's time to forget everything we've been taught about the Game of Life. Since the rules have changed, we must dismantle all the old rules and the beliefs, disbeliefs, opinions and biases that we developed in response to the old rules. This is necessary because all our perceptions are filtered through our beliefs and opinions and they'll dismiss information that doesn't fit the filter.  The May 20th new moon occurred at zero degrees of Gemini, the degree of the initiate. We have all been initiated to the new rules of the game and that requires dismantling our mental certainty and learning how to "Gemini". We all have Gemini somewhere in our chart and the house in our birth chart that carries that Gemini energy is the arena of life we are called to express this energy. The key is not to limit our outlook on life to what we believe could happen but to be open to what can happen in our quantum reality (where there is no order of difficulty in miracles). I have experienced a few miracles and I must say, while I had to risk what I thought I knew, it was worth the risk. Miracles do add a lot of exhilaration to the adventure!

Today's new moon took place in the later degrees of Gemini, opposite the Galactic Center, the black hole at the center of our galaxy. This gravitational center around which our sun revolves is a massive black hole  with the density of several million suns. When the cosmic bodies interact with the Galactic Center, our creative power, our spiritual essence, is heightened. Therefore, it's important to create consciously. A new moon positioned at the later degrees of Gemini symbolizes mastery of the sign's Archetype. Gemini is the witness--approaches life with wonder, just the experiencer. A good Gemini strategy is to pretend you just arrived on this planet and then see everything through those brand new eyes. Gemining is about perceiving life through no filter at all, taking it straight on, sober, seeing clearly, no chaser. Gemini urges us to just experience with unbiased openness and curiosity. Gemini's perspective is that the fun of it is the fact that nothing is known and there is so much to experience, so game on! Gemini is the willingness to witness everything and judge nothing. Gemini takes nothing personally and finds everything fascinating. 

We have been learning these skills because our ability to "Gemini" will make a wonderful difference to our experience playing the Game of Life in the coming months. The cosmos have quite a dance in process as they orbit the sun with its wild solar storms raging. The summer solstice is tomorrow, energetically capturing the heightened cosmic dynamics until the Autumn Equinox. Additionally, Mars left the shadow of its retrograde today (where it's been since mid November 2011), so we're all energetically primed to participate in the dance. Mars should have its mojo on and be ready to take its stand. Furthermore, the universe's Great Awakener, Uranus and its Great Transformer, Pluto, have initiated a tango that reaches a crescendo on June 24 and again in September and this is a dance these two transpersonal mavericks will be dancing together through the Spring of 2015. Saturn resumes direct motion on June 25. Venus will begin direct motion again, June 27th, the same day that Mars connects with the Galactic Center. A lot going on and a lot to process, but no worries, that's why you have me to support you in getting your game on!

Are you eager to consciously participate in the dance that the Game of Life
really is, in celebration of contrast and diversity and conscious being? YES! That means you've got your Gemini groove on. Here are my recommended strategies for a fun-filled time of it:

It's best to not even attempt to wrap your mind around the sensibility of some of the things happening. In fact, you will find that “being out of your mind” is an excellent strategy. Tap into your Gemini toolbox and be the experiencer, be the witness—just observe what is happening without drawing conclusions about it.  Think of it this way: the cosmos are giving their best to bring you the situations and circumstances that bring forth your very best. A good strategy now is to do more than get out of the box, you've got to get rid of the box altogether! (I believe Deepak Chopra coined that phrase too.) The Universe is eager to know exactly where we all stand in relationship to the circumstances of both our personal and collective realities. In order for us to clearly figure that out, we need to be mindful of our re-actions, perceptions and communications and strive to respond from our wholeness--mind, body and emotions as one, in spirit.

Always and in all ways, my joy to be of service if you would benefit from having additional support navigating the Game of Life through time and space. My blessings embrace you on your journey—may your every decision and experience along the way create not only victory for all but do so with an infusion of joy to the world!

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