Cosmic News June 25, 2012

Uranus and Pluto Tango


I felt that the dynamics of this week's cosmic weather warranted sending out a quick update to ensure that you are cultivating the life-enhancing energy. The first of seven exact Uranus-Pluto connections occurred yesterday, June 24. Additionally, Saturn stationed direct today, June 25 and Venus is stationing direct this Wednesday, June 27. All three of this week's cosmic events are interdependent and all three significantly contribute to the general shift in human consciousness that is taking place.

It's important to be aware of and open to the truly fabulous possibilities available to us now. Most of us are aware of some facet of our experience that is not giving us the good feeling, high quality life experience that we desire to create. 
That's because the cosmos have us "tuned in" to any facet of our experience where things aren’t flowing as our soul intended. Not to frustrate us, but to make us aware of them so we can move through them. These cosmic energies are helping us to get to any core issues that block us from living from our totality and creating the happy life we are meant to experience.

Guidance from the Goddess of Love
With Venus' station direct, she will be retracing her steps the third and last time through 7-23 degrees of Gemini.
Venus is the "attraction" principle--her function is to attract into our lives the people and circumstances that bring fulfillment and happiness. And she'll get that job done once she's direct again, as long as 1) you know what you want, 2) you know that you deserve it,  and 3) you are willing to let others know how they can support you in breaking through any unhappy patterns. 

For example, one of my blocks is that I have a very challenging time asking others for help when I need it. And since a big piece of this shift we are all going through is to understand that we are all in this together, we're all going to have a better experience when we support each other. As a reflection of my block, I've been working through some financial challenges but
I have been too embarrassed to let others know how they might help me get through the slump. 

So, I humbly do that now. If you've been considering ordering any of my services, it would be my pleasure to be of service to you at this time and you would be helping me tremendously too, in mutual blessing reciprocity. Additionally, I am so very grateful to all of you who read and find value in these newsletters. I’ll continue to publish these newsletters, my blog and the daily cosmic weather on Twitter and Facebook because it’s my pleasure and purpose to do so. If you value my contributions and are also in a financial position to do so, I'd be grateful for a 
heart donation of $5 or more to support my publications.

Uranus and Pluto Tango
I hope my courage in sharing will
inspire you to ask for the support you need as well. This energy is so very eager to move through you in creative, life-enhancing ways and it’s not going to let up in its attempts to engage you for the next few months.  This tango between the Great Awakener, Uranus (I AM Pioneering-new-trails, Aries) and the Great Transformer, Pluto, (in I AM Manifesting-integral-foundations, Capricorn), continues until Spring 2015, with two exact key crisis points taking place twice each year in 2012, 2013, and 2014.  This first contact remains very strong through mid October 2012 because Uranus and Pluto remain within 1-degree orb (at 6-8 degrees of Aries and Capricorn) for the next three months.

Any type of angst, restlessness, overwhelm, anxiety are 
healthy signs that the energy is eager for you to cultivate and engage it. It's bringing to your attention that you’ve just got one or more patterns or beliefs that are blocking the way to living your dream. The great news is that the time for releasing is now and that you have full support in doing so but you must ask. Isn't it great that astrology can support you in identifying any blocks when often years of therapy or conscious spiritual practice have not?  

The intensity of this energy is 
especially impacting the baby-boomer generation, as well as those born between 1963-1967 when Uranus and Pluto initiated their current cycle with their conjunction (union) in Virgo. The baby boomers were inspired with a vision at the initiation of this Uranus-Pluto cycle in the mid sixties--a vision they felt it was worth rebelling against the status quo to realize. All those that were born during the 60's, during the time of this Uranus-Pluto union, were then energetically designed to support that vision by bringing all those things we humans label as "taboo" (which are then suppressed and delegated to living in the collective unconscious) to the surface to be integrated as part of the totality of what it means to be human.  With the initiation of this current tango between Uranus and Pluto, we are now at the crisis point, a time of deliberate intention and action in alignment with the 60s vision. We are feeling a deep stirring, a spiritual stirring, to physically materialize the peace and love and goodwill that are inherent to the Age of Aquarius. We can see clearly now where we have wandered away from that vision and its our purpose to make course corrections where necessary to stay on that path both personally and as a collective.

Uranus and Pluto are
"transpersonal" energies--orbiting beyond Saturn's rings, they symbolize spiritual dimensions of experience. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all have the energetic duty to shatter the borders of ego and identification with the ego personality. They support individuation in oneness consciousness. Their energetic duty is to ensure that we remember that we are both human beings AND spiritual beings and to consciously live from that awareness so that we function in the world from that totality. 

Advice from the Master of Time & Space Reality
Saturn's contribution as it resumes direct motion is to
support you in focusing your will. Saturn's function is to teach us how to do exactly what we please by making our intentions dominant over our fears, conditioned beliefs, emotions and inertia. Saturn wants you to trust yourself. Saturn teaches self-discipline, self-responsibility and how to stand in your personal integrity and authority no matter how much others disagree, and to do so in honor of the dignity inherent to all life. Saturn wants you to trust yourself, to have faith in yourself. When we pass Saturn's tests, we get beyond the limitations of duality and enter the transpersonal dimensions where the laws of nature and gravity no longer limit our experience. That's when we have direct experiences that there is no order of difficulty in miracles.

So, yes, this is a very important 
time of re-membering! For this reason I will be sending cosmic news updates more frequently because this summer represents an important breakthrough time. I want to ensure I keep you informed with pointers for cultivating this transformative, creative energy with happy results!


We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life's morning; for what in the morning was true, will in evening become a lie. ~Carl Jung

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