Cosmic News March 2012

Spring Equinox & New Moon, Oh Yes!



Happiest Spring Greetings!

If you've been feeling like you could use a boost, this new moon should provide just the pick-me-up you need (New Moon, 2 Aries, Thursday, March 22, 8:37 am MDT). With Sun, Moon, Mercury & Uranus all cozied up together in Aries, this new moon is packed with uplifting, creative, innovative, genius energy. For many of us, the energies have felt heavy and uninspiring lately. You may have been feeling that progress has been glacial these past few months but this new moon provides us with the oomph to begin breaking up the ice and to welcome a fresh perspective on our lives. This is a great opportunity to chase away any flatness, lethargy or inertia that's set in. Cultivate this enthusiastic, invigorating new moon by sweeping out the sleepy resignation. Happy dance with your broom as you do. If you've caught a case of melancholia over the winter, try singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with Mary Poppins! Be playful. Be silly. Get carried away with glee.

With Mars still retrograde in Virgo, you might find satisfaction in doing some spring cleaning. Pick a task, any task, that will make you feel you've cleared out some yuk and outworn stuff from your life and opened the windows of your soul to let spring renewal into your being. With this new moon occurring just a few days after the Vernal Equinox, unprecedented new beginnings are possible--you can expect a new beginning in the house in your birth chart that contains two degrees of Aries. For handy reference, here's a table listing the symbolism of the houses.

Since both Mars and Mercury are retrograde, things are still germinating. There's much you can do on an inner level to nurture the process though. This is an excellent time for planning and strategizing. Wait patiently, it's not yet auspicious for charging off in a new direction. This emphasis on Aries can make us impatient and impulsive and ready to charge full-steam ahead but it's best to wait until your gut gives you a definite signal to go. An excellent way to use these final weeks of Mars & Mercury retrograde is to release all standards of perfection that alienate you from yourself or cause you to feel shame about yourself. 

Additionally, expect the unexpected over the next few weeks due to Uranus' influence on this new moon. If you need to have the waveforms of the past collapsed so that you can step forward with a clean slate, Uranus can get that job done for you. Yes, really! Furthermore, Mercury and Uranus are encouraging you to seek a third way between any two sides that are divided--the 21st century mind is visionary and new neural pathways are being created in those minds open to refreshing possibilities. Mercury will return to Pisces in a few days to ensure that you've remembered that you are a spiritual being having a grand adventure through time and space as a human becoming. That perspective changes things, so make sure you've made necessary adjustments in your beliefs. Consider what your life looks like when there are no limits. It's also good to remember that everyone reserves the right to change their minds while Mercury is retrograde. That's why it's best not to sign on any dotted lines at this time or to make commitments you might not be able to keep.

Summon and harness this powerful new moon energy in the awareness that the cosmos are supporting you in taking your stand as master of your life. You have to honor your truth by knowing who you are and what kind of experiences constitute a high quality life adventure for you. That way, when Mars and Mercury are both moving forward again in mid April you can be sure that the energies will begin moving you where you desire to grow. Here are a few other suggestions for cultivating this Spring Equinox, new moon, and new beginnings energy to get your juju flowing:


If you’d like some support or direction with your planning and processing in the coming weeks, this could be the perfect time to book a consultation or take advantage of the two-for-the-price-of-one astrology reports.  Until next time, wishing you a rowdy, fun, joyful, happy-to-be-alive spring!


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