Cosmic News March 2013



Wishing you an enchanting Spring!

As the Sun enters uncontainable Aries at this Spring Equinox (March 20, 5:02 am MT) it joins Mars and Uranus already pioneering new trails in that sign and the three will soon be joined by the Goddess of Love on March 21. The weeks ahead are packed with uplifting, creative, innovative, genius energy and the cosmos are certainly supporting us in firing up all systems to be good to go.

You are not alone if you've been feeling as if your get up and go got up and went during Mercury's retrograde. With the strong energetic emphasis we've had on the sign of the fishes, not only with Mercury's retrograde in Pisces but Sun, Venus, Chiron and Neptune's visit to that sign as well, we've been immersed in lifting the ego's veil of separation and releasing that which is not true to our nature.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~ Marcel Proust

As I mentioned in last month's newsletter, this new year we've been laying the foundation for a new way of being in the world. That has required us to retire outdated beliefs and habits of survival. In other words, we've been learning to live from Spirit instead of the ego. As the cosmic emphasis now moves to Aries, the sign that symbolizes the impulse to “become what I am," the energies encourage us to chase away any apathy, lethargy or inertia that's still hanging out. As you spring clean your home, imagine that you're spring cleaning the home of your soul as well--body mind and emotions. Cultivate this invigorating Aries energy by sweeping away any remaining remnants of the past you no longer desire to repeat.

When you refuse to limit your outlook on life to what could happen, You open yourself up to what can happen. Simply, with a change of mind, you can change your life! ~Deepak Chopra

With Mars and Uranus conjunct in Aries at the Equinox, be assured that the comfort zones of our fundamental human resistance to change and our attachment to certainty are being pushed. The message: With every step forward just keeping dropping the ego's clinging and resistance. Your job is to summon the courage to be honest about identifying any facets of your life that have been stale or stifling for quite some time or that used to matter to you but no longer does. Above all else though, extend compassion, loving kindness and tenderness to those less evolved parts of your humanness--i.e. break the habit of judgment, guilt, and shame. As it says in the Course of Miracles, "there's no guilt in the learner." When life is looked at through the lens of an evolutionary perspective, we are all learners here on earth.

What are we learning? To live from our divinity. We are leaning how to release duality's distortions and the ego's grasping for certainty and control. We are learning that life is fun when we celebrate the Great Mystery on this grand adventure through time and space. We are encouraged to adopt a 'consciousness of possibility,' to welcome the unprecedented and experience the truth that there is no order of difficulty. Uranus and Mars are eager to show you what your life looks like when there are no limits. If you need to have the waveforms of the past collapsed so that you can step forward with a clean slate, ask Mars and Uranus to get that job done for you. The Force is with you!

Ultimately, the purpose of life is to be the fullest expression of who your are--to share and give and demonstrate awareness of yourself as a creative being.

The cosmos are supporting you in taking your stand as master of your life and the very best way to harness this rebirthing energy is to approach everything as an opportunity to awaken and evolve. Every little thing you do sends out ripples of influence that help to shape the kind of world you live in. As Mike Dooley shared, The reason your thoughts are so powerful is because they're how you aim 'God.'

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Until next time, wishing you exhilarating, life-vitalizing adventures in time and space this Spring!

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