Cosmic News: Last Call
Total Solar Eclipse and Spring Equinox


Solar Eclipse blessings!

I'm publishing this newsletter on a Tuesday because it's Mars' day and there is no better time to get your mojo on! This is an energetically wowser week. We're under a very strong geomagnetic storm today, the strongest of this solar cycle. Friday brings a total solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox. And all week the intensity of the Uranus-Pluto tango is within minutes of exactitude. So, you don't want to miss out. You want to be wide awake and consciously cultivating and harnessing these energies at this new moon eclipse, as you plant the seeds for the delights you desire to grow in your experience here in time and space. (The total solar eclipse at 29 Pisces takes place March 20 at 5:36:40am EDT followed by the Sun moving into Aries later that day to announce the Spring Equinox at 6:45pm EDT.)

The 29th degree of any sign is considered a crucial degree. It symbolizes a sort of 'last call' or final opportunity to cultivate the finest qualities of the sign, before the cosmic body enters the next sign. Whatever you've been putting off and delaying with all sorts of reasonable and rational reasons, now is the time to be honest with yourself about what's really been stopping you. The 29th degree is often referred to as a karmic degree or a degree of fate. There is a 'reaping as you've sown' quality" inherent to it. But that is meant to be good news--karma, of course, very often brings celebratory kudos from the cosmos. Expect that!

The "last call" essence of the 29th degree ensures that you pay attention to whatever is necessary to your vitalization and wellbeing. Therefore, if something is interfering with your light shining brightly in the world, fate will play its hand to get it out of your way. And of course, welcome that! The blessing of this is that it is a harbinger for breakthrough! For those of us with planets in our birth chart at 29 degrees, life can seem to be a series of brutal dilemmas until we feel that we have no choice but to surrender to our infinite spirit and view life from the perspective of the greater yes at work. That's true for all of us under this Pisces eclipse, so be clear about your intentions, and bless folks that are sleepwalking or appear to be caught up in the clenches of fear. We are all more sensitive to the vibes now. Pisces has no boundaries--it's the sign where we remember we are all in this together, that separation is an illusion. So, bless it all, whatever you observe, and stay aligned with soul-filling choices.

Pisces symbolizes the biological and spiritual need to experience the sacredness of our lives. And every aspect of our lives is imbued with that sacredness. Without spirit, we are only a mortal body. Without the mortal body, our spirit has no means for experiencing itself. Without the duality in the world, one has no basis for appreciating the beauty in the diversity and multidimensionality of life that prompts evolution. It's all necessary! It's all integral to our spiritual and human experience. Without 'spirit' (without love, without joy, without awareness, without compassion) it's an empty journey for the body--there's no meaning and no purpose. Pisces reminds us that spirit (awareness) is the essential ingredient to a meaningful and purposeful journey through time and space.

Now is the time to bring more of that sacredness to our lives. Practice seeing beauty and spirit everywhere and in everything. See. Really SEE. Gaze upon everything in your world as if it is there just for you to appreciate. Because it is. Pisces has the understanding that our lives are a co-creative design with seven billion other humans who, just like us, are uniquely individuated expressions of the One, even when they are deeply asleep. We may not prefer to engage a lot of what we see but we can love that every single facet of life contributes to the infinite range of possibilities from which we can choose to experience who we are here on planet earth. This Pisces realization, that I am part of it all--that I am the best and the worst, the right and the wrong, that I am not separate from any of it--embraces the truth that we create both at the personal level and at the collective level with 7 billion other souls. It's all a part of us whether we agree or like it or not. So, let's make the best of whatever is before us. I, for one, am standing firm in my belief that the spirit of love heals all the illusions born of fear and forgetting.

I enjoy viewing Pisces as symbolizing our transcendence of earth-bound madness. As one evolves awareness via the experiences engendered through the eleven preceding zodiac signs, Pisces brings the integration of the human experience within the spiritual perspective. These are most empowering realizations from the Aries perspective, the sign of new beginnings that follows the cycle completed with Pisces. The empowering realization gifted by Pisces that is so valuable to the pioneering energy of Aries is, "I AM! And I AM creating my experience of reality. Oh boy, I can't wait to get started!" And that is exactly the spirit that will serve you well in cultivating these powerful energies.

Maybe you've already been feeling that energetic theme of 'last chance' or 'last call' as a sort of restlessness. Maybe you are feeling an urgency to really, really take the leap this time--that whatever you have been putting off cannot be delayed any longer. Trust that instinct. Additionally, this eclipse is a south node eclipse, indicating that there is no time like now for dropping all those habits that your soul has picked up in its many lifetimes here in time and space but that prevent you from living your authentic magnificence in the world. What is it that you are ready to shed? What is it that it would be inauthentic for you to carry forward with you into this next cycle? My recommendation? Shed all the judgments. Preferences are not a problem. They help you to know your uniquely individuated self. Preferences only become judgments when they exclude and find fault with others for having different preferences.

All energy is inherently neutral. The energy of the planets is neutral as well but certainly the quality of that energy falls along a continuum and used in ways labeled either beneficial or harmful, good or bad, right or wrong and evil or saintly. However, only our judgment renders something positive or negative. What if we labeled everything as positive? That provides an opening to new perspectives on all facets of human experience. But when we go a step further and drop even the labeling of 'positive', we have entered the realm of infinite possibilities.

Recognizing the inherent neutrality is a lifesaving insight in tough times. For example, this long standing Uranus and Pluto transit is available to be harnessed to create even greater chaos and suffering in our world or it can be cultivated to create something new, more to our preference. I'm engaging the second possibility. Frankly, I'm just plain bored with all the ridiculous dramas that unfold as power and control competitions that feed on humanity's fear and forgetting. I'm eager to overcome my habits of judgment and separation that I now recognize to be at the roots of my personal suffering. I'm embracing a habit of goodwill and community that celebrates life and empowers everyone to thrive.

Since an eclipse puts a huge spotlight on the house in your birth chart where 29 Pisces is placed, it is likely that issues have cropped up in that arena of life experience that require attention. That is, it's likely that a metamorphosis and huge transformation is taking place in that arena of experience. If you allow it. And of course you'll be so very delighted you did. In fact, there have been a series of potent opportunities over the past seven years that provided portals that energetically primed the human collective for this transformative time period because they were strongly activating degrees in the zodiac that are being activated again now.

Included below are a list of these activations leading up to this time period, where there was a great energetic impetus for our collective remembering (or re-membering as I like to think of it!). All of life unfolds in cycles and the cosmos provide navigation guidance while astrology provides a language for making sense of it all. As you reflect back on these time periods, it will assist you in seeing the bigger picture of the unfoldment of your personal awakening and re-membering here in time and space. These time periods that also involved the late degrees of Pisces were activating then themes similar to the ones being reactivated in your life now. Therefore, reflecting on the circumstances then may help you to understand what was motivating the choices that you made at that time and gift you with deeper insights into the meaning of any challenges and difficulties you may have experienced then or may be experiencing now. Best of all, this review may also demonstrate to you how much you've awakened and grown!

1.  Spring 2007--A solar Eclipse at 28 Pisces with Pluto at 28 Sagittarius at 90-degree angle to the eclipse. As a north node eclipse it brought an awakening, a sense of promise of the extraordinary possibilities imbued in remembering our spiritual essence. Pluto's square to the eclipse gave us an "in our face" view of what 'habits of being' were creating drama in our lives, draining our power and keeping us feeling small. 

2.  January 1-25, 2008 and June 14-July 25, 2008 and October 24-November 27, 2008 Pluto was at 29 Sagittarius. This was a hugely transformative time period with the focus on understanding issues of power and control and developing the freedom to live by your own authority. True freedom requires rattling the foundation of habits that abuse power and control. We were learning the importance of being immune to the seductive illusion of outer authorities and forms of security. The idea is to cease giving authority or power to anything external to yourself .The only thing any of us have absolute control over is how we choose to respond to whatever is before us. That's it! And more importantly, HOW we respond defines who we think we are and what we believe to be the nature of reality to the universe. Unresolved issues and unintegrated insights from this time period may be prevalent at this solar eclipse. Pisces is the absolute faith that you are infinitely safe and secure for you are an individuated spark of a loving force so great no human being can challenge it (unless you continue to believe they can!)

3) In 2010 solar activity increased dramatically with only 51 days void of solar activity (compared to 2009 when there were 260 such days). Since 2010, there has only been three days when the sun was without sunspots. What does this have to do with anything? Research has demonstrated that the height of solar activity corresponds with periods of greatest chaos and change in human history. Ego's destructive tendency as well as the power of spiritual strength are both accentuated. The Sun is an excellent vehicle for burning away the irrelevant and waking us up!

4) On December 21, 2010, we had a total Lunar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Gemini, just before the Sun entered Capricorn at the Winter Solstice. A portal for releasing the illusion of separation and the judgments and even horrors that result from that illusion was created with this lunar eclipse. Gemini is the sign that grasps the inherent neutrality of existence and understands the benefits of being a detached witness. One can learn more when one is not emotionally or mentally invested with ideas of right, wrong, good and bad. "When you're wide open, the world is a good place." ~ Sharon Salzberg

5) From March 6-11, 2011 both Uranus and Neptune were at 29 degrees of their signs in mutual reception (in a mutually supportive relationship). Uranus at 29 Pisces in Neptune's sign and Neptune at 29 Aquarius in Uranus' sign. Uranus was then activating the 2007 Pisces solar eclipse (4 years later) and this 2015 solar eclipse (4 years in the future) and in 90-degree angle to the lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini, providing a great energetic impetus to upgrade our understanding of the nature of our reality. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

6) 2012 brought the first of seven exact encounters between the Great Awakener, Uranus (in I AM Pioneering new trails, Aries) and the Great Transformer, Pluto, (in I AM Manifesting integral foundations, Capricorn), with two exact key crisis points taking place twice each year in 2012, 2013, and 2014 and the one taking place now in 2015. Together, these two have been encouraging us to revamp the status quo that does not empower all beings on this planet and support the celebration of individuation within oneness consciousness. As Carl Jung noted many years ago, "We cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life's morning; for what in the morning was true, will in evening become a lie."

Our successful transition in this new era necessitates the integration of the mind and spirit. Integration is the key! You are, we all are, both a physical and spiritual being. Each individuated spark of the divine is being rekindled so it radiates at its maximum wattage. If these energies feel especially intense to you, examine where you might have compromised your soul in the name of physical safety and security. When we give more 'reality' to our physical, tangible realities than we do to our spirit, it dims our light. The mind deeply rooted in material reality competes with the divine realities and for many on the planet, the mind mired in fear has nearly silenced the voice of spirit altogether. Now is the time to change that.

The biggest challenges for humanity in this 21st century seem to be born of the fact that we humans have gotten so rooted in separatist beliefs that we have forgotten our soul and our divinity. Ego is running the show. And ego is terrorized by uncertainty. Ego will grasp and hold on tight to whatever it equates with security and bow to false forms of authority. From the perspective of your spirit, there's nothing to fear except sleeping away this grand opportunity to contribute it's beautiful light in the world.

I love this uplifting excerpt from Rob Brezsny's book, "Pronoia:"
"This is a perfect moment. It's a perfect moment for many reasons, but especially because you and I are waking up from our sleepwalking, thumb-sucking, dumb-clucking collusion with the masters of delusion and destruction. Thanks to them, from whom the painful blessings flow, we are waking up...Their painful blessings are cracking open more and more gashes in the shrunken and crippled mass hallucination that is mistakenly called reality. And through the fractures, ripe eternity is flooding in; news of the soul's true home is pouring in; our allies from the other side of the veil are swarming in, inspiring us to become smarter and wilder and kinder...As heaven and earth come together..we register the shockingly exhilarating fact that we are in charge -- you and I are in charge -- of creating a brand new world. Not in some distant time or faraway place, but right here and right now...In the new world we're creating, we need lusty compassion and ecstatic commitment, ingenious love and insurrectionary beauty, radical curiosity and reverent pranks, voracious listening and ferocious thanks. We will embrace the cause of zoom and boom. We will laugh at the stupidity of evil and hate; we'll summon the brilliance to praise and create. No matter how upside-down it all may appear, we will have no fear because we know this big secret: All of creation is conspiring to shower us with blessings. Life is crazily in love with us. The universe always gives us exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. Earth is crammed with heaven. The winds and the tides are on our side, forever and ever, amen. The sun and the moon and the stars remember our real names, and our ancestors pray for us while we're dreaming. We have guardian angels and thousands of teachers, provocateurs with designs to unleash us, helpers and saviors we can't even imagine, brothers and sisters who want us to blossom. Thanks to them, from whom the blissful blessings flow, we are waking up. "

I've made a vow to stay awake. Toward that end, I've been learning lots of practices to support that commitment. For example, When I observe something unfolding that I don't care to engage, I sincerely bless it and turn my attention away. I give my time and attention (and therefore energy) to what does enhance my life; to what I desire to experience more of in my life. The awesome thing is, the things I've turned my attention away from are now dissolving from my experience. Imagine how quickly the world will change if we all do this!

Imagine: no fights, no wars, no dramas because we are all bored with that nonsense. For example, what if we just stop buying the food that doesn't make our personal bodies feel good without judging the food or the companies that produce it? What if we stop watching any TV programs that make our head ache or tummy turn without judging them as being bad? What if we just stop hanging out with people and working for companies that don't result in soul-filling engagements? What if we just gave all of our time and attention to soul-filling our lives? What if we make it our number one priority each day to cultivate the energy of inspiration and enthusiasm? What if we make these our new habits?

If you sometimes feel as if you've slipped out of synch with your spirit, I hope you will find these new habits I'm practicing to stay awake will also support you in staying tapped in and turned on by all the wonders spirit has to offer. These practices take but a minute or two of your time and can be used any time or any place (like sitting in traffic or waiting in line at the grocery store).

1. When I find myself feeling powerless, I engage what makes me feel that I am making a loving difference in the world. I initiated this practice after learning about the Butterfly Effect. (i.e. a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world effects the formation of a hurricane in the other). So, even though we can't see the effects we are having on the world, we're having one. So, no more playing small and underestimating our impact on the world. Isn't this wonderful? Knowing that your loving thought uplifts all of life! Here's an example of something I practice when I'm out in the mainstream world and begin to feel overwhelmed by the heaviness of the energy: I make myself smile. The last thing I feel like doing is smiling and that's exactly why I smile, as an act of will. A smile by itself begins the release of happy hormones but I don't stop there! Then I imagine that my smile is a blessing, being passed along, quietly, like a secret, to everything, everywhere. I see it blessing every person, every plant, every animal, every building...everything. I see the smile having a life of its own, passing itself along, sending out ever widening ripples of love to bless all that is.

2. Engage spirit each day and give time to entering another reality--your spirit's reality. Even if for just a minute or two, let your time connecting with spirit be one of the most pleasurable facets of your day. Talk to spirit out loud (or in your mind if you don't have the privacy to speak out loud). Talk about your frustration, confusion and fears. Vent. Get it out of your system. Share with your spirit as you do your dearest friends. Discuss anything that concerns you and especially those things that you've been trying to avoid or are too embarrassed to talk with anyone else about. Talk about what makes you feel happy, sad, irritated--talk about everything. Access Consciousness guru, Dr. Dain Heer, recommends asking spirit questions, such as my favorite, "How does it get better than this?" I use this one when things are in the toilet and I also use it when they are breathtakingly sublime!

3) Remember to breathe. I treasure a practice I learned through my Buddhist studies, where I focus on whatever I feel will help clear me of the fear and forgetting or anxiety that's interfering with my being at peace. For example, "Breathing in, I calm my mind. Breathing out, I calm my mind. Breathing in, I calm my emotions. Breathing out, I calm my emotions. Breathing in, I rest in God. Breathing out, I rest in God." Even a few minutes of this practice, especially when done with a smile on my face, brings peace and ease. Experience each breath as a healing wave to your body, mind and emotions.

4) Take 15 minute breaks every few hours for visualization exercises that uplift and cultivate enthusiasm. When we feel enthusiastic, we open our line to spirit. Visualize and create your own fairytale! Create a story that portrays the world as a marvelous treasure to discover and explore. For one example, I imagine that I am like the butterfly, that I've undergone an enormous metamorphosis and I'm now living the final moments before my emergence from the cocoon. The transmutation process that has been taking place has resulted in the full integration of my physical and spiritual identities--my human mind and infinite spirit have merged and become one. The division has been healed. The metamorphosis is complete. It's rebirth time. I can see clearly now. I know who I really am! I am (you are, we all are!) a uniquely individuated spark of our Creator. There is no right. There is no wrong. There is just discovery. And as I emerge I naturally live my life from that awareness and infuse that awareness into everything I think and do. I embody that grace and give it to every flower, every creature, every tree and every person with whom I have contact. And everyone else is doing the same. And everyone is happy, healthy and thriving. All paths and preferences honored--we celebrate the joy of diversity.

5) Whenever the voice of habit in me says, "You can't do that" I answer, "Oh, but how wonderful it would be if I could! I'd really enjoy having that experience!" Because that is the truth--I truly would love growing beyond all the limitations I've imposed on myself or have accepted as just my lot in life. I sense we all feel this way at times. But a part of me does know that there's no order of difficulty for my spirit. And little by little, more of the old habits of limitation and separation that were once so strong in my mind and emotions dissolves as I practice new ways of responding when they arise. And I so wish that for anyone else struggling with such habits will have theirs dissolved along with mine.

As Uranus and Pluto take their final stand at this solar eclipse, Let's all welcome a magnificent breakthrough. I'm not sure who to credit for the following words, because I failed to note where I got them when I wrote them down, but they summarize beautifully the essence of the breakthrough possible: "Those rules and little boxes aren’t working, you know there is more to you than meets the eye. Your soul purpose in coming to this planet is to break away from the pack and find your true self. All that you have learned up to this point is a foundation that is there to help you decide what you really want. You are born from and connected to the most powerful energy in the Universe. Think about ‘who you really are’, you do not fit in a box or a set of beliefs. No one is better than you, or less than you, because you know and feel you are connected. The journey, the purpose, is to understand how powerful you are, certainly not like the power those who are in charge have. That power can be taken away in an instant, from someone who has more money, guns, control. But you are steadfast, always connected to love and the Universe stands at attention to supply your every need. You can create with your thoughts, its energy that flows through you and moves through the planet, always in creation mode. So, again, ‘what do you want’? If you speak just one simple word it can be yours as you wipe away all the tar and mud of old belief systems and fear. Just say “YES”……..its energy, it’s magic, its who you really are."

Indeed! I'm intending joyous fresh starts for all of us. And if the services I offer will support you in your endeavors, I very much appreciate being of service to you in any way that is of value to you. If you’ve been feeling a need to be seen and to gain deeper understanding into your own spiritual process, I know that astrology can help. You will find links below to use to set up a consultation or order one of the many quality reports I offer. And, if you value this newsletter and are financially able and heart-fully moved to contribute a donation, I sincerely thank you.

Until next time, my gratitude and blessings embrace you!

2015, all rights reserved

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