Cosmic News March 2015


Warmest blessings this full moon!

Today's full moon takes place at 14 degrees of Virgo, bringing a culmination or achievement in whatever house in your birth chart this full moon is placed. Under the full moon, you can see clearly the activities symbolized by that house arena of life experiences. And it's possible that strong emotions will be triggered and if so, it's because they have an important message for you, so heed their guidance. The full moon is eager to give you reasons to celebrate your life more fully and to release whatever prevents the full expression of your magnificence. The full moon in Virgo  is illuminating whatever is in the way so you can clear it and bring ease where there is chaos. 

In my birth chart, this full moon is conjoined my Ascendant and taking place in the first house of my birth chart. It's been many months since I published a newsletter and it feels so good to make the time to write again.  It makes me feel like myself (and therefore makes me feel very happy)!

Maybe you are wondering why I haven't published a newsletter in quite some time. The answer: I've allowed "reality" to get in the way. Albert Einstein figured out nearly a century ago that "reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Indeed, and I'd add a very convincing one as well. I've been up to my crown chakra in dissolving the seemingly endless illusions created by my own fear and forgetting--and while we've all been under the impetus for radical transformation symbolized by the repeating Uranus square Pluto, it feels as if those illusions have been multiplying exponentially.  Add to that the ever-increasing hypersensitivity of my 7th House Pisces Moon and Venus (which makes it quite challenging for me to live where concrete has overtaken nature and where the majority of the population is still deeply asleep) and its a recipe for unwanted experiences.

Einstein shared another insight that has been a guiding light for me. “I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.” That's been my mantra for years! I wonder, does the caterpillar go kicking and screaming through its transformation like my ego does or does it surrender joyfully to the process of metamorphosis? All of life is in a state of becoming, and just as surely as the caterpillar becomes a beautiful butterfly or a tiny acorn becomes a magnificent oak tree, its inherent in our human DNA to grow into our fullness of our authentic self as well.

Have you seen the comedy, "The Answer Man" with Jeff Daniels? It's about a bestselling author who writes "Me and God" books.  When he takes all 21 volumes of his series "Unlocking the doors of Heaven Within" to the local used bookseller, the author says he wants to sell the books because "they don't work.  The doors are still locked."  I've been feeling a lot like that these past few years, as if all the spiritual principles and practices I've lived my life by just don't work in the "real" world anymore. And that, more than any other reason, is why I haven't posted a newsletter for the past twelve months. I felt like a failure. I had to revisit and go deeper into everything I held to be true. I was living in a constant state of panic, prayer and surrender day after day after month after month, going deeper and deeper still to heal habits of being that existed not just in this lifetime but extending into my soul's long history traveling through time and space. Shaking up the foundations of my conditioned habits hasn't been easy.

And frankly, I had come to absolutely loathe that I ever took that first step on the spiritual path to remembering my true self. I was really angry at my soul for being so arrogant as to take on such challenges in the first place.  And yes, I did see the possibility of a very long-standing period of intense challenges coming and spanning many years, (involving transiting and progressed activations by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to my birth Sun, Moon, Ascendant and natal t-squares). But as many of you know, my first natural instinct is to look for the brightest possibilities. I convinced myself that if I consistently and consciously worked with the energies that I could create something truly spectacular and minimize the losses. All I can say is that I am aware that in all the ways that really matter (but are immeasurable by typical standards of "success") I have. But it has required letting go of everything--and I do mean everything. Humbled and then humbled again and again.

Our solar system, our sun, every life form on this planet and every cell that composes the human body is in a state of becoming. The ego fights this truth—it’s terrified of the unknown. As long as everything remains the same, no matter how miserable those conditions might be, it feels safe. But take away the roles and routines that it’s accustomed to and the people and things it’s attached to, and the panic can be paralyzing. Who am I without that? Who am I without that relationship? Who am I without that money? Who am I without that job? Who am I without my plans, my hopes, my dreams? Who am I if not all the roles that structure my life? Who am I if everything held dear to me is taken away?

"Moments of extreme impact and high intensity that turn our lives upside down are the moments that end up defining who we are." From the movie, "The Vow"

A few months ago I wrote in my journal: I’ve been thinking a lot about those days in my past that I wish I could expunge from the record of my existence.  Those days that brought circumstances of gut-wrenching sorrow or catastrophic confusion and chaos. Those days when I was guilty of mortifyingly shallow and horrifyingly ignorant behavior. I’d do anything in my power to strike those days from the history of my life.  I torment myself by imagining over and over all the ways I might have responded differently. Yet, I know I didn't know better then. As it says in The Course in Miracles, "there's no guilt in the learner."  And we are all learners. What is there for me to do but forgive myself and others and commit myself to a spirit of grace and goodwill? Fault and blame don't fit into the understanding that I'm an eternal being having experiences in time and space where no harm is even possible.

As we are once again under the influence of the Uranus square Pluto (having its exactitude at 15 degrees Capricorn and Aries on March 16), I felt it possible that others have been feeling similarly.  My hope is that in sharing some of the deeper insights I've gained to survive schlepping through the trenches of my personal hell these past few years, will be of support and a blessing to you.

“There is only a single energy, a unified field. Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."  ~Albert Einstein

This is a key understanding at this time in human history. Energy management. The challenge we all face at this time  is matching the frequency of the reality we desire to create and experience.  We must shed the stories and habits of the past like a snake sheds its skin. Our stories of suffering become so convincing that they get internalized and lodged in our bodies as cellular memories. Whether our stories are uplifting or not, we literally embody them in our energy field and people respond to us based on those stories.

So, I've been learning to truly accept that there are no mistakes and no accidents.  Yes, I've intellectually known this for many years but now I was integrating that knowledge at a deeper level--to the level of certainty that whatever shows up in my life, it's not a coincidence and that I define myself by how I respond to it. I've also developed a new habit of asking everything that shows up, "What are you here to teach me?" because it helps me to override my mind's tendency to judge what's shown up as good or bad or right or wrong. And then I remind myself that whatever is happening it's an opportunity for me to see it from the perspective of eternity.

I am also learning that I cannot heal myself within my story. That I have to craft a new story, a grand and ennobling story, a true hero's journey that takes every challenge and loss as a gift that has taught me to trust my instincts and remember who I really am. In his book, "The Four Insights" Alberto Villoldo reminded me to leave the victim, perpetrator and rescuer out of my story for they compose a circle of disempowerment. Whatever story you tell, do so in such a way that you reclaim your unique magnificence and power to direct your life.

I'm learning that I cannot serve two realities simultaneously. That is, I am not truly surrendered if I'm holding on.  My attachments to material security and the trauma and pains of my past have been the source of self-betrayal and the greatest impediments to my spiritual life. If I'm hanging on to the idea that my security lies outside myself in the material world it competes with my faith in the divine.

I am learning that all healing takes place at the level of the soul and spirit and that true healing requires that I define what holds power over me or what I attempt to hold power over and to clear those attachments. I'm learning to trust and believe in my own authority instead of giving that authority to something outside myself.

A suggestion I've found very valuable was given in Dr. Joe Dispenza's book,"You Are The Placebo." He recommends that we give one hour of our time to visualizing and entertaining happy possibilities each and every day.  Of course, even five minutes is better than none! The more time you give, the better, because that is time invested in getting beyond the personality that maintains the past, the emotions that fuel suffering and the predictable future based on the habits of the past. Every moment you give to visualizing desired realities is time given to wiring new neurological circuitry that supports your happy, healthy and thriving here in time and space. As Dr. Dain Heer would say, "How does it get better than that?"

I came to understand that the intense challenges I was experiencing were leading me to those disempowering habits that I had to directly confront before I could go forward. I really didn't feel I had a choice. As I struggled, I wrote to my dear friend that "There’s no doubt in my mind that without the constant pressure from Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, I’d make a fine couch potato."  True transformation appears to be motivated by desperation and emergency. We all have challenges but if they are not of the life-threatening sort, we often just ignore the signs and just settle with learning to live with the anger or disappointment or depression.  But something sacred and of immeasurable value is lost if we settle: that which our soul really came here to experience. Each of us a uniquely individuated and magnificent spark of divinity, blazing new trails in consciousness.

"To be able to remember beyond the world of duality and suffering that make up the appearance of reality in this world--that is our challenge if we choose to walk the Road of Truth." ~ Rashad Feild

It's so ease-inducing for me to view life's happenings from an evolutionary perspective and to imagine that indeed, humanity is dreaming a new world into being, creating new experiential realities as we remember that we are the magician of our lives and master of the illusions we created in our forgetting. We created it all and we can recreate it anew. God is experiencing life through you, your eyes, your unique perspective.

In 2012, when this first quarter square in the cycle between Uranus and Pluto began, it initiated a transformative crisis for the human collective.  We are on the cutting edge of reality creation, being led to greater awareness and truths about life, love and our profound power as creators of the realities we experience. Mike Dooley offers that the human collective is "leaving our teenage years and entering young adulthood. Naturally some individuals grow faster and others slower and some gain more in a single lifetime than others do in five hundred. All in all though, we're still a bunch of big kids learning to be responsible with our power.  The inner mental resistance to the transformation is what creates the physical turmoil of sociopolitical upheavals and earth changes...such are merely manifestations of the tension brewing within."

Oh, the fun of adventures in time and space when viewed from the perspective of infinity! Endless cycles of becoming. Ah, and what's the next big challenge for the collective here on planet earth? Saturn square Neptune! What happens when the Father of Time is at cross-purposes with Timelessness? More on that soon... 
If you feel you would benefit from an astrological perspective, use the links below to set up a consultation or order one of the many quality reports I offer.  Until next time, I welcome the opportunity to be of support to you. Embrace Grace and be blessed in all things,


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