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Wouldn't it be beneficial to have advance notice of coming planetary influences so that you could take best advantage of the auspicious energies and lay low on the more challenging days? That's what this subscription service is all about. Awareness is everything.  These are mind boggling times we are living in.  We all benefit from a higher perspective at times and astrology is heaven's gift to us this way.  Here's your opportunity to get the Early Edition!  This quarterly subscription service is being offered to keep you tapped in, tuned in and aware of the planetary themes influencing you from month to month.

This subscription service is customized to your birth chart and alerts you to all significant activity taking place in your charts each quarter of the year. I personally evaluate the planetary influences to your astrology birth and progressed charts and synthesize the confluence of activations so that I am able to provide you with a monthly forecast that is both practically valuable and personally uplifting.  I discuss the key planetary influences and themes unique to your personal experiences in the coming months and provide recommendations concerning focus of activities and timing considerations. The information will be recorded on labeled tracks as an audio file.

SPECIAL: The 3 month forecast is on special for the remainder of 2015.  The forecast will cover the last four months of 2015.  Just use the drop down menu to order the 3 month forecast that will cover September through December, 2015

Subscription Fees:   1 quarter report (3 months) $70     2 quarters reports (6 months)  $125      3 quarters of reports (9 months) $180   1 Year Subscription  $230 

Early Edition Forecast


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Thank you! It is my pleasure to be of service to you! 

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