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July 2015: Venus Retrograde

March 2015: Total Solar Eclipse

March 2015: Uranus and Pluto finale

February 2014: Bring on the Joy!

March 2013: Emergence

February 2013: Soul Opening

January 2013: Golden Opportunity

December 20, 2012: Winter Solstice, For the Joy!

November 9, 2012: Awareness & Surrender (Total Solar Eclipse)

October 4, 2012: Reaching the Summit

September 17, 2012: Purifying New Moon in Virgo

August 30, 2012: Blue Moon: Great Leaps Forward

August 1, 2012: Where Authenticity Flows, All Grows

July 17, 2012: New Moon: Good Vibrations

July 9, 2012: Mercury Retrograde & Enhanced Solar Activity

June 25, 2012: Uranus and Pluto Tango

June 19 2012: Winning at the Game of Life

June 5 2012: Getting Your Daily Dose of Love

May 2012-2: Solar Eclipse & Venus Transit

May 2012: Venus Retrograde

April 2012: Full Moon in Libra

March 2012: Equinox & New Moon in Aires

March 2012: Full Moon Virgo; Mercury Retrograde

Feb 2012: Full Moon Leo: You are Awesome!

Jan 2012: Welcoming the Magic

Jan 2012: Mastering Mars Retrograde

Dec 29, 2011: Trust, Leap, Fly!

December2011: Home is Where the Heart Is

August2011: Something to Look Forward To

June 2010: Getting Your Groove On

May2010: Possibilities

March 2010: Celebrating Forward Movement

February 2010: Let the Good Times Flow!

December 2009: Shattering Paradigms and Architecting New Realities

July 2009: Inspired, Purposeful Sustainability

May 2009: Crazy, Whacky!

April 2009: Creating the Golden Age

April 2009:  Goddess Support

March 2009: New Moon in Aries

February 2009: Venus Retrograde in Aries, Oh My!

Fall 2004: Grace and Harmony

May 2004 -- Aphrodite's Aphrodisiacs

October 2003 -- Harmonic Concordance

July 2003 -- Mars and Mercury Retrograde

January 2003 -- The Year Ahead

Fall 2002  --  Mercury and Venus Retrograde

January 2002  -- New Moon Wishing

October 1999 - Judging Attraction and Endurability in Chart Comparison
A look at those little known astrological techniques that are important indicators for judging attraction and longevity in relationships.

July 1999 - Predictive Astrology Part III: This Summer's Phenomenal Eclipses
A comprehensive discussion about the 7/28/1999 Lunar Eclipse and  the 8/11/1999 Total Solar Eclipse.  Also included is a description of the planetary configuration called a Grand Cross or Grand Square and a look at the oft talked about May 2000 planetary alignment.

April 1999 - Predictive Astrology Part II: Return Charts
A discussion of the general influences of return charts as a forecasting tool.  Solar , Lunar, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter returns are specifically addressed.

January 1999 - Predictive Astrology: The Art of Forecasting
A look at the astrological discipline of forecasting and a discussion of what is and is not possible to "predict" with forecasting techniques.

October 1998 - Astrology and Human Relationships
Outlines the techniques known by astrologers as "synastry" which addresses relationship issues, chart comparison and compatibility.

July 1998 - The Phases of the Moon
A discussion of the significance of the moon's phases, including eclipses and the Void-Of-Course Moon.

April 1998 - Bringing the Planets to Life: Stationary and Retrograde Planets
Focuses on the significance and interpretation of stationary and retrograde planets both as a transiting phenomenon and when found in the natal chart.

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