Cosmic News October 4, 2012

Reaching the Summit


Architecting New Realities
Warmest Autumn Greetings! As I suspect you have already sensed, we are all officially riding the transformational bandwagon!  Wheee! The great shift in human consciousness is accelerating and these final months of 2012 are gifting us with the awesome opportunity for unprecedented breakthroughs, both personally and collectively. We are redefining what it means to have a human experience and creating new ways of living in the world that honor the inherent dignity of all life forms here on planet earth.

In this newsletter I share with you how Jupiter and Saturn are energetically contributing to the shift in human consciousness and how best to align with and cultivate their energies. Additionally, to create a supportive community while facilitating a deeper understanding of the process we are all going through and to help you understand your own personal role in it and unique contribution to it, I've designed a new
astrology course, Soul Seeds of PurposeMore information about the course at the end of this newsletter.

Guardian of the Quest
As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter generates more radiation than it receives from the Sun. This is how Jupiter earned its title as Celestial King of luck and good fortune and to be known for its jovial, generous and optimistic influence. This giant planet is now retrograde, retracing its steps through 6-16 degrees of Gemini until January 29, 2013. As is true with any retrograde planet, Jupiter's energies are now turned inward, our signal to go within and engage the "re" activities:  rehash, review, rejuvenate, refine, reflect, repair, recheck, reschedule, realign, rewrite, and reformulate!  It's time to take inventory of what has occurred since January (over the nine months since Jupiter's last retrograde) to ensure we are growing our life in the ways we desire.

When life is viewed through Jupiter's expansive lens, it is seen as a high spirited journey of unlimited possibilities for expanding our horizons. In Gemini, Jupiter enhances our curiosity about life and our eagerness to allow all facets of life to tell its story. Then Jupiter sifts through the information we've gathered from our experience of life's grand diversity and contrast and determines what meaning we personally give those experiences.

Your Jupiter assignment while the big guy is retrograde is to tell yourself your own story--about how you came to be where you find yourself now, both the best and the worst.  Jupiter is the god of abundance so he wants us to recognize the value and treasures revealed along our journey, even those we must extract from the sludge. Additionally, Jupiter would also like you to consider what defines an experience of abundance for you. That is, what does an abundant life look like to you? What defines wealth and thriving? What makes life meaningful for you? These are important questions to ask these next few months and my discussion of Saturn will help you understand why.

Conscious Kinship
On October 5, Saturn finishes its sojourn through Libra, where it's been since July 2010. In Libra, the focus of Saturn's energy has been on honing our relating skills and incorporating the understanding that we are in relationship to everything in our world.  We have been experiencing the truth that it is the quality of our relationships that define the quality of our life--not only our relationship to other people but our relationship to our self, our body, our possessions, our work, to every facet of our lives. As Saturn moves into Scorpio, the sign of the alchemist and the shaman, the intensity gets amped up and we will be gaining even deeper insights into our relating patterns and we will be purging unhealthy patterns related to intimacy, self-worth and security.

As the farthest planet from the Sun that is visible to the naked eye, the ringed planet establishes the boundary between the visible and invisible. Known by the Greeks as Cronos (or Time), not only is time under Saturn's province but so are all boundaries, forms, systems and structures. While Saturn is often viewed as the cosmic Satan, due to its association with limitation, defeat and frustration, that's not what Saturn is about. We experience these negative associations as a cosmic wake up call from this taskmaster. Saturn wants us living fully awake, directing our lives and living true to our integrity. To do so, we must claim ourselves as the sole authority of our lives. Depression, doubt and fear are merely symptoms of what happens when we have been giving our power and authority away.

Saturn's position in our birth chart provides information about the social and familial conditioning we inherit about how the world works, what is and is not possible, and what is required of us if we want to fit in and succeed at life. In other words, we are conditioned from the get go to give our personal power and authority away to other "trusted" authorities. Then Saturn's energy is meant to teach us how to focus our will and make our intentions dominant over our fears and our desire to be liked and to fit in, so that we reclaim our personal authority and become master of our life. But of course, to do so necessitates that we confront all issues, doubts, fears and programming we would prefer to avoid.

As Saturn moves through Scorpio (through September 2015), we won't be able to avoid confronting that stuff any longer. It will become too painful to do so. You might have noticed it already is! Challenging external circumstances are Saturn's way of driving us inward to reclaim our authority, claim self mastery and rewrite our script and our destiny, o
ur unique way. Saturn will stay on our case to ensure we don't live our lives by default. Both personally and as a collective, we will be encountering all that holds us back or keeps us fearfully obedient to laws, structures and systems that do not empower and support the well-being of all.

When All Else Fails, Try Magic
Scorpio is the sign of the zodiac that explores that which the "authorities" have labeled taboo. In Scorpio we learn to observe the flow of power and identify what it is that constitutes authentic power.  With the archetype of the shaman and the alchemist, Scorpio is the only sign with three symbols which describe the possible ways its energy will express as it gains mastery.

The Scorpion is the first symbol--it reactively (and often with a lethal blow) stings others in self-protection because it doesn't yet grasp that what it does to others it does to itself. At the next level is the eagle, who has learned to soar above the lower forms of human drama but remains predatory and judgmental, eager to consume its selective prey. At the highest level, Scorpio's key totem is symbolized by the Phoenix, the mythological bird of India. Legend has it that as the Phoenix was about to die it would sing a hauntingly beautiful song and all of creation would be reminded of w
hat really matters. Then the Phoenix would burst into flames and from its ashes a new bird arose.

As Saturn makes its sojourn through Scorpio until September of 2015, we are all being purged of our lower instincts--our habit to judge  and misuse power and authority, whether overtly or covertly through passive aggression and subtle manipulation. We will all have to confront what we'd rather not look at. We have to undo all the conditioned taboos, phony politeness and comfortable answers. We will be peeling away all the lies and pretenses that lead to inequality so that nothing is left hiding behind the walls of falsehood and fear and to do so until the only thing that remains are core truths.

And this is something to celebrate! But that doesn't mean it will be easy. Saturn's tasks rarely are. Authentic change rarely is. There seems to be nothing we dislike more than accepting responsibility for our actions and our destiny. Yet the unconscious (the spiritual side) of our humanness is always striving for wholeness and integration and our spirit will work through whatever channels are available to ensure the light gets in. As Leonard Cohen sings,
There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

We are all on the shamanic path of self-understanding and self-mastery now. The "death" of the ego personality is a given. Let's all take the journey willingly and have our Phoenix song ready to sing. We are all in this together and power shared empowers all.

Make room for multidimensionality, diversity and contrast without judgment. Make room in your mind, emotions, body, and soul for all the twists and turns life might take, for all the emotions it generates and for all the growth you'll achieve and all the people you'll touch and all the ways you'll be touched by them. ~Melody Beattie

The summit is within view! Be the little engine that could and give yourself the exhilaration of reaching that summit. Old habits don't have to die hard--that's the first conditioned nonsense we can purge--we can just allow them to fade away!

Soul Seeds of Purpose Astrology Course

I designed this course to facilitate a supportive community and to engender a deeper understanding of the process we are all going through.  You will gain deeper understanding into your own personal role in the shift and your unique contribution to it (based on the chart factors in your birth chart). The course will take place via teleconference each Sunday evening at 6pm MT, for six weeks beginning October 14. Hands on chart interpretation experience with each lesson. You can look forward to acquiring tremendous insights that will serve you in practical ways. If you are unable to attend a class, no problem, each class will be recorded and all participants will receive the audio and handouts for each class. During the six week period we will explore the factors in the birth chart that delineate your unique soul's evolutionary journey and the types of experiences that support you in living the high quality life you intended. Our shared experiences over the six weeks will leave you convinced of your power, your worth, and how easy life can be once you begin working with the Universe. The cost of the six week course is $75 or $20 for each class (if you prefer to pay for each class individually.)
Click here for more information or to sign up for the course. I look forward to an amazing experience for all of us!

Ultimately, the purpose of life is to be the fullest expression of who your are--to share and give and demonstrate awareness of yourself as a creative being. May life's magic and abundant grace and blessings be with you, 


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