Locational Astrology

It really can make a difference where on the globe you live!

A horoscope is like a map, it shows you the planetary placements as they were captured at a particular moment in time. Your natal horoscope is made up of planets in the particular signs and at the particular degrees that they were at the moment of your birth. The placement of the planets in the houses of your natal horoscope is dependent upon the physical location in space where you were born. Think of this as freezing the planets at that moment. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky when you were born.

The important point is that the placement of the planets in the houses of a horoscope is dependent on both time and location (or space). Locational Astrology (also referred to as AstroCartoGraphy, specifically in reference to the work of astrologer, Jim Lewis, in this area)  concerns itself specifically with the issue of space, asking where it is that planetary patterns found in the natal birth chart might best actualize themselves.  When a chart is relocated, The time of birth remains constant, relative to Greenwich Mean Time. Only the location changes. WHERE the planets will find an arena for their expression changes as we move about the globe.

The geographic location on earth where the planets will be in position to most fully actualize themselves is in locations where the planets are angular in the horoscope. The angles of the horoscope are represented by the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th houses or near the Ascendant, IC (Immun Coeli), Descendant and MC (commonly referred to as the Midheaven). Planets which are positioned in these four angles of one's birth chart are given more power than if they were placed in the other houses of the horoscope. This is because the four angles of the chart are the most sensitive houses in the horoscope.  Why?

The Ascendant, IC, Descendant, and MC are indicators of the key stages during the course of a day's cycle. In the course of any day, at a particular time, and at a particular place, each planet will rise on the horizon (1st house or Ascendant), culminate at the MC (reach their highest position in the sky, like the sun will at noon), set at the point of the Descendant (such as the sun sets and moves below the horizon) and anticulminate (or reach the lowest point beneath the horizon) at the IC.

At the time and location of your birth, each of the planets were captured at a specific point in this daily cycle. Some of the planets in your birth chart may have been rising, others culminating, others setting, etc. Maybe you have many planets on these angles natally, given your location of birth, or maybe you have a few, or maybe you have none.  It makes a difference to your expression of those planetary energies though.  A planet becomes particularly strong during and just after it rises, culminates, sets, or anticulminates. While you may not have Venus angular at your birth location, there is a place somewhere on the globe where Venus was angular at the time you were born.  And if you are interested in going to a  location that would emphasize Venus' energy in your chart, all you have to do is go to a location on the globe where the Venus line was angular at the time of your birth.

The idea behind locational astrology is that you have the power to strengthen planets in your natal chart, or weaken them, by moving around the globe.  Using the technique of AstroCartoGraphy developed by astrologer Jim Lewis, an astrologer can look at a map of the world on the day and at the time you were born, and by plotting the planetary lines, discover where each planet was rising, culminating, setting and anticulminating. You want to improve relationships?  Then a relocation to your Venus line might be a good choice. If you are seeking education it might be best to choose a Mercury or Jupiter line. When one moves to a location where Mars is prominent (a location on a Mars line) this will be a location where one's courage and the ability to be master of one's own destiny can be tested.  However, the Mars line can be challenging and a thorough analysis of your birth chart would be wise before choosing such a line.

History always provides us with an abundance of examples to support locational astrology theory, so let's take a look at one of them.  John F. Kennedy was brutally murdered in Dallas, Texas where Pluto (the planet whose energies seem to be that of a 'higher octave' of Mars' energies), was on the MC, or culminating, at the time of his birth.  For this reason, Pluto lines have the reputation for being even harsher than Mars lines, (Pluto linked to transformation, death and rebirth), and the Pluto culminating line has the potential to indicate a location where powerful forces might come into play. The interpretation always depends upon the natal condition of the planets involved and the level of awareness of the person involved.

Going to a location which puts your natal sun on the Ascendant indicates that the very essence of you (the Sun) will shine through your personality. On the Sun line you might feel better able to express you unique self with confidence and leadership. If you go to a location which has your natal Sun on the MC, then this is a location where you might be in the public eye more and have a greater awareness of your life purpose. Remember, a planet is always energized when it's near an angle and in some manner it is likely to express itself more prominently. What arena of life experience you are likely to see the planet's energy manifest more directly will depend on which angle is involved. 

If you are in a location where a planet is rising, or on the Ascendant, the planet's energy will show itself in your outer personality.  If it's culminating, or on the MC, its energy will manifest in terms of your life direction, career  public identity or reputation.  When it's setting, or on the Descendant, the planet's energy is experienced in your interactions with significant others.  And lastly, if a planet is anticulminating, or at the IC, you will experience its energies most profoundly in your home, domestic situation or at the deepest roots of your inner self. The bottom line is, it really CAN make a difference where you live!

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