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(If you prefer private study or tutoring please email me, I provide that too!)

NEW! Soul Seeds of Purpose  |  Chart Interpretation  |  Forecasting With Astrology

The Astrology of Relationships  |  New Moon Wishing Workshop


        Soul Seeds of Purpose  
Held as a Tele-workshop--Handouts and Audio Download available if you miss a class!

I designed this course to facilitate a supportive community and to engender a deeper understanding of the shift in consciousness that we are all going through. You will gain deeper understanding into your own personal role in the shift and your unique contribution to it (based on the chart factors in your birth chart). The course will take place via teleconference for six weeks.  You will receive your birth chart, handouts and engage hands on chart interpretation experience with each lesson. You can look forward to acquiring tremendous insights that will serve you in practical ways. If you are unable to attend a class, no problem, each class will be recorded and all participants will receive the audio and handouts for each class. During the six week period we will explore the factors in the birth chart that tell your soul's unique story and outlines the types of experiences that support you in living the high quality life your soul intended. Our shared experiences over the six weeks will leave you convinced of your power, your worth, and how amazing life can be once you begin working with the energies that compose your human being-ness. The cost of the six week course is $125. Once your payment is received you will receive instructions for accessing the teleconference and a copy of your birth chart.  Email me if you'd like to participate in this Soul Seeds of Purpose class. When I have at least five participants a teleconference class will be scheduled.




Wish Upon a Star
New Moon Wishing Workshop by Tele-conference
Do you desire more magic in your day to day? Do you have dreams you are eager to manifest? There's no better time for "wishing upon the stars" than at the New Moon each month!  Knowledge of the Moon's cycle can be used to assist you in aligning with naturally occurring energies that support your endeavors and assist you in the right-timing of all of your activities. At the New Moon, the energies are most supportive for initiating new endeavors and nurturing them to manifestation. In this 2-hour workshop we will explore the symbolism inherent in the Moon's naturally occurring cycle and discuss the guidelines for supporting your intentions with energetic impetus.  We do more than just wish, we add structure and energetic "oomph" to our wishes by celebrating the New Moon. When you make it a practice to conduct a New Moon Wishing Ceremony each month, it guides your intentions and focus and keeps them centered on what it is you really desire to create. You do not have to have any knowledge of astrology for this course. Read what others have to say about this workshop! Email me if you would be interested in participating in this workshop March 11  $50 per person, offered by teleconference. This 2-hour tele-workshop will be recorded. You will be able to download the audio file after the workshop. A workbook, new moon dates for the year  and a copy of your birth chart will be emailed to you after you sign up for this workshop.   $35  This workshop is also available for private study with downloadable files, birth chart and workbook.  


Birth time, date & location




For the Serious Astrology Student
 Setting the Foundation
Chart Interpretation
 Course offered by Teleconference
This course provides an introduction to Astrology's fundamental symbols:  planets, signs, houses and aspects.  You will learn to interpret your own birth chart and discover that there is so much more to you than you ever imagined and so much more to astrology than sun signs! Astrology is a powerful tool for self/other knowledge and will guide you in creating the joyful life it is your destiny to live. You will learn all the basics of chart interpretation: organization of the horoscope; identifying patterns and prevalent themes; conducting aspect analysis, nodal analysis, and rulership dynamics.  Upon completion of this course, you will have a solid knowledge foundation upon which all chart interpretation is built.   Hands on chart interpretation experience with each lesson. You can look forward to acquiring tremendous insights that will serve you in practical ways. Each class is recorded and a workbook and birth chart are included. The recording of the class is downloadable for no additional charge for class participants.   $160.00 for the 8 week course.   If you pay for class but are not able to attend, the recording and the class materials will be available for you as well.

To Sign Up for the Chart Interpretation Course:    If you are interested in taking this course please email me and let me know what days or evenings you are available to take the course.  New courses form regularly and are offered weekdays, evenings and weekends.  When I have at least five people interested in taking the course with the same availability, I schedule a course to meet those needs.



8 week Course:
Forecasting With Astrology
Offered by Teleconference
Completion of Chart Interpretation or permission of the instructor required

You've heard it said , to everything there is a season... Astrology can help you to align with your own rhythmic seasons of activity. Truly, right-timing can make all the difference. In this class we will work with astrology's basic forecasting techniques: transits, progressions and return charts. You will have hands on experience with these techniques with each class.  Learn how astrology can assist you with right-timing and prepare you for windows of opportunity on the horizon of your life. Additionally, learn how astrology can help you gain perspective when you are confused or unclear about circumstances in your life. An understanding of astrology's basic symbols is a prerequisite before taking this class. Each class is recorded and a workbook, ephemeris, and charts included.   Advance registration is required, please email me to let me know you are interested in this class.  When I have 5 people interested, a class will be scheduled. Class size limited to 15 people. The fee is  $180.00 for the 8 week course  



8-week Course:
Synastry Basics: The Astrology of Relationships
Completion of Introductory Course or permission of the instructor required
This Class is offered by Teleconference

Think of yourself and others as functioning energy fields. What happens when two or more energy fields come together?  That's what the Astrology of Relationships is all about -- understanding relational dynamics. Astrologers refer to such chart investigation as synastry. In this class you will learn the basics of synastry: how to determine attraction, compatibility, and key growth themes in your relational charts. This technique is used to investigate the energetic patterns  for all types of relationship: familial, parental, romantic, personal, and business relationships. The type of relationship determines the focus of your investigation into the charts, which is where the energy exchange between you and the other is revealed. Best of all, astrological insights into relational dynamics can help us avoid getting into dysfunctional relating patterns or to break them if they are already in place. Workbook and charts included.   $180 for the 8 week course.   Please email  me to let me know you are interested in this class.  When I have 5 people interested, a class will be scheduled.



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