Cosmic News September 17, 2012

Purifying at the new moon in Virgo


Warmest best wishes this new moon! The new moon occurred Saturday evening September 15, at 23 degrees of healing Virgo. The Virgo new moon gifts us with the talent for choosing that which affirms and sustains life and the know-how to bring our ideals into reality. The happy news this Virgo new moon is that we are all just one small adjustment away from creating the high quality life we desire. That adjustment is the mere remembering of the source of our personal power.

Virgo is a handy vibration to have emphasized during chaotic times, due to its ability to "see" the ideal. Virgo heals by using its discriminating abilities to see clearly what is at hand and then to bring more life-sustaining and vitalizing quality and purity to the mix. Virgin Virgo is a symbol of purity, attached to nothing, free and unbound by earthly drama, reaching for deeper meaning and purpose than the ego can provide. Virgo has the wisdom that imperfection is a myth and is therefore ever vigilant in weeding out the mental vestiges of any degrading thoughts about oneself, others or the world we live in. And in the process, Virgo teaches us of the necessity for absolute self-acceptance--to love and care for ourselves unconditionally.

Since you are your most important commodity, avoid the traps of Virgo's shadow: doubt, worry and judgment. As master of what you allow your mind to engage, this new moon is an excellent time to break those habits once and for all! Face and forgive difficult realities about yourself. As Abraham Hicks has said:

Regretting a moment of "offness" is wasted "now." Regret says "I've decided at this moment in time to focus in a way that my inner being wouldn't join me. I've decided to dig up something that is so vibrationally distorted and far away from who my inner being is that there's no possible way that I'll even feel a hint of my inner being when I focus on this."

This Magnificent Light of Mine, I'm Going to Let it Shine
The Virgo expertise for establishing healing, life-affirming routines (i.e. Zen moments like I spoke of in the last edition of this newsletter) is helpful now because we are under the influence of the second exact Uranus-Pluto square this week. Those of you with planets in 6-7 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Libra and Cancer are most likely to be feeling the transformational push of these two transpersonal powerhouses. Also adding oomph to the inherent potency of this cosmic turning point is the fact that Pluto is stationing direct.

Pluto has been retrograde since last April, providing us with an opportunity to gain insights into how we and others use and express power. It is when Pluto is direct in motion that we then have the opportunity to practice what we learned. The heightened intensity this contact generates may have a lot of folks functioning on a short fuse this week. So it's a great time to apply your Virgo skills. Use this virgo new moon energy to express your power in ways that empower others as well. Additionally, engage stress-reducing practices that nurture body, mind and soul and fuel your inner fire.

I've written a lot about the significance of the Uranus-Pluto square in recent newsletters. Ultimately it's a wake up call to remind us to acknowledge the genuine source of our power and what it is that we have absolute control over: our thoughts, words and deeds. What you engage with your thoughts, words and deeds is where you are investing your power. And if you aren't using power consciously, you may be giving your power away or have a habit of engaging disempowering thoughts.

All power is from within. The world within is governed by mind and since the world within is subject to our personal control, all laws of power and possession are also within our control. What we are depends upon what we think. The principle which gives thought the dynamic power to correlate with its object is the Law of Attraction. It is the combination of feeling and thought which forms the Law of Attraction. This is an eternal and fundamental principle, inherent in all things, it is feeling that imparts vitality to thought... Thought impregnated with feeling becomes invincible for good or harm. It is the creative force behind every manifestation and of everything of which we can conceive. When thought is impregnated with love, it has the power to master every adverse human experience. ~Charles F Haanel

This quote comes from the book, Master Key System, first published in 1918, nearly a century ago! As a collective, we've had this information for one hundred years. This Uranus-Pluto square is holding us responsible for having that knowledge and applying it in ways that are empowering to all. By the simple process of governing our thought forms today, we create the events which will come into our lives in the future--perhaps even as soon as tomorrow!

I'm eager for everyone to be aware of and open to the truly fabulous possibilities available to us now. Importantly, be willing to see any facet of your experience that is not giving you the good feeling, high quality life experience that you desire. The cosmos have us "tuned in" to any facet of our experience where things aren’t flowing. This isn't meant to be an exercise in frustration but an acknowledgment of what is no longer authentic to your being. This Uranus-Puto contact is helping us to confront any core issues that sabotage our best efforts to create rewarding life experiences. And the good news is that this saboteur is always within your own mind so you have the power to change it!

We also now know it as scientific fact that we inherently exist in relationship to everything else that exists in our universe. We are all part of the whole and all parts are inherently the same in kind and quality as the whole. Only our conditioning would tell us otherwise and most of us have been conditioned to feel we are "bad" or limited and powerless in some way. In awareness, we can cease giving messages of disempowerment.

Every action sends out ripples to touch everything else. Have you ever noticed that you tend to draw out in others what you think about them? That is, if you focus thought on the things you love about them, life is good but if you focus on their faults, things tend to get rocky. If you start the day on a sour note, have you noticed how more of that yukky tends to follow because your thoughts focus on what isn't wanted? Energy follows your attention. Therefore, let's remember to direct our energy to encourage forth all that we love in the people and circumstances of our life. And when we mess up, as we all do at times, let's do our best to learn from it, forgive and forget.

Here are a few suggestions for cultivating your connection to your inner being and the "new beginnings" energy of this Virgo new moon:
• Conjure life's magic by conducting a new moon wishing ritual. This focuses thought energy!
• Pretend you are Luke Skywalker and lightsaber your personal demons.
• Thank the trees for their fall splendor. Thank the sun for shining. Celebrate all the small joys that occur so routinely we often take them for granted.
• Act as if you love everybody and everybody loves you. Be a lover of all that is. Give love lots of room to play. Get pumped up and carried away with good-will.

If you’d like some support or direction with your planning and processing in the coming weeks, this could be the perfect time to book a consultation. Significant insights and healing are possible. Give your best to align your thoughts and your "doing" with your personal vision of a high quality life experience. If you'd like some coaching, that's what I'm here for. Know that you deserve it and that your soul intended it. If you can imagine it, then it is your destiny to experience it. It is your birth right! But, as the only master and authority on what's in your best interests, you must choose it consciously and reprogram all the conditioning that would deny it. No problem! We all support each other in these efforts.

Until next time, may the sun be in your heart and life’s magic and abundant blessings be with you,


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