Cosmic News September 2015

Eclipse Season


Happy Eclipse Season!


To get my creative mojo on and cultivate the energy of Venus, Mars and Jupiter in creative and expressive Leo, I am playing around with a new format for the Cosmic News.  This month's edition is in video format.  I hope you enjoy it.  And, if you'd like to provide feedback, I'd appreciate that!



The month of September is brimming with cosmic activity. 

To hear all about it and enjoy visuals as you listen, check out the video version of this month's Cosmic News! 





If the cosmic activity has been crazy-making and you'd benefit from an astrology consultation to sort it all out, I'm offering a special forecast consultation to cover the remaining four months of this year for $70.  This is an excellent time to order the Mercury Retrograde Report. And, if Venus has been playing cupid in your life, a relationship report is a quick click away as well.  I very much appreciate being of service to you in any way that is of value to you!


More soon!   Be spiritually empowered, be good to yourself, be kind to others, be creative and courageous, be vision-driven and most of all, be grateful for all that you love about life!  May this eclipse season bring you lovely days and gift you with lots of reasons to smile.



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