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Wish Upon a Star:
New Moon Wishing Workshop 

Do you desire to bring more magic to your day to days? Do you have dreams you wish to manifest? There's no better time for "wishing upon the stars" than at the New Moon each month!  Knowledge of the Moon's cycle can be utilized to assist you in aligning with naturally occurring energies that support your endeavors and assist you in the right-timing of all of your activities. At the New Moon, the energies are most supportive of new endeavors and will nurture your wishes to realization. In this workshop we will explore the symbolism inherent in the Moon's naturally occurring cycle, discuss the guidelines for making your New Moon wishes at each New Moon, and talk about designing your New Moon Wishing Rituals each lunation cycle (there are 13 each year!).  It really does work!!! Establishing a practice of performing a new moon ceremony each month is a wonderful way to experience yourself as the powerful creator of the things you desire to experience! Available on audio files that are emailed to you along with your birth chart, a comprehensive workbook that includes new moon placements for every month of the year and new moon ceremony instructions for all 12 signs of the zodiac. $45  

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  Soul Seeds of Purpose  

You will gain deeper understanding into your own personal role and soul's evolutionary agenda (based on the chart factors in your birth chart). This comprehensive course is offered on six audio files, each 90--120 minutes in length. Additionally you will receive your birth chart and a 46-page workbook that enables you in hands on chart interpretation experience with each lesson. You can look forward to acquiring tremendous insights that will serve you in practical ways.  With each lesson you will explore the factors in the birth chart that reveal your soul's unique story and outlines the types of experiences that support you in living the high quality life your soul intended. When you complete this course you will be convinced of your power, your worth, and how amazing life can be once you begin working with the multidimensional energies that compose your human being-ness. The cost of this private study workshop is $75.

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